Commerce Past Questions

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warehousing is a productive function because it increases the?

  • A. quantity of goods
  • B. utility of goods
  • C. quality of goods
  • D. price of goods
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The temporary working area of the control processing unit is called the?

  • A. CD-ROM
  • B. CD-RAM
  • C. ROM
  • D. RAM
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one of the obstacles to achieving the objectives of ECOWAS is?

  • A. lack of a common currency
  • B. colonial linkages
  • C. sovereignty of state
  • D. language difference
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The agency in Nigeria which ensures that products conform with government quality specifications is the?

  • A. standard organisation of Nigeria
  • B. Nigeria consumer association
  • C. manufacturers association of Nigeria
  • D. Nigeria chambers of commerce
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A group of companies is a collection of? 

  • A. subsidiaries and their holding company
  • B. firms
  • C. associates and their holding company
  • D. industries
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