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Civic Education Past Questions

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Use this image to answer this question,

The traffic sign in the image is to caution road drivers that

  • A. pedestrians crossing is in progress therefore, all cars should wait patiently for them
  • B. a designated bus-stop is ahead where school children can be picked and dropped
  • C. pedestrians are to hold hands together so as to support one another when crosssing
  • D. they need to move fast because of the presence of a school zone
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Paying our taxes and assisting the government in the fight against crime are examples of

  • A. civil obligations
  • B. social obligations
  • C. economic obligations
  • D. cultural obligations
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Creating an enabling environment for someone to have control over his financial situation is known as

  • A. reinforcement
  • B. endowment
  • C. empowerment
  • D. enhancement
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The following are steps towards sustaining national unity except

  • A. emphasis on factors that unite a nation
  • B. respecting the national symbols
  • C. discouraging inter-religious marriages
  • D. Working towards achieving national objectives
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A major reason that fosters healthy interpersonal relationship is

  • A. pursuit of money
  • B. party politics
  • C. common goals
  • D. culture
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