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Civic Education Past Questions

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Use the quotation below to answer the question below.
Being truthful to oneself;
being truthful to others;
being someone others can trust;
doing what is right regardless of the circumstances."

The above quotation is apt for describing

  • A. selflessness
  • B. diligence
  • C. discipline
  • D. integrity
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National consciousness, unity and integrity are promoted through all the following ways except

  • A. obedience to rules and regulations
  • B. National Youth Service Corps
  • C. compromise of the rule of law
  • D. teaching of civic education in schools
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Membership of an organization associated with secrecy of operations in the society is an indication of

  • A. activism
  • B. cultism
  • C. radicalism
  • D. spiritism
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Associations, connections and affiliations between two or more people is what type of relationship?

  • A. Intra-group
  • B. Inter-communal
  • C. interpersonal
  • D. intra-communal
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Orderliness in society is best guaranteed when all citizens

  • A. obey rules and regulations
  • B. respect and humble themselves
  • C. are proud to be associated with the society
  • D. know the sanctions for violation of laws
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