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A gas jar was inverted over burning yellow phosphorus floating over water in a beaker. After burning, the water level was found to rise in the gas jar. The water level rises because
  • A. pressure inside the gas jar is greater than pressure outside it
  • B. the air in the gas jar had been used up by burning
  • C. oxygen in the gas jar had been used up by burning
  • D. nitrogen in the gas jar had been used up by burning
  • E. the temperature in the jar had risen considerably
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You are provided with five gas jars containing SO2, CO2, H2, CO and NO respectively. Select a test from A to E which will identify ANY ONE of the gases completely
  • A. pass each gas into lime water
  • B. pass each gas into water and test with litmus paper
  • C. pass each gas into concentrated sulphuric acid
  • D. expose each gas to atmospheric air
  • E. expose each gas to fumes of hydrogen chloride
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Which of the following substances would you see as an indicator in the titration of sodium carbonate solution against hydrochloric acid (complete neutralisation)?
  • A. Litmus paper
  • B. Phenolphthalein
  • C. Methyl orange
  • D. Universal indicator
  • E. None of these
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200cm3 each of 0.1M solutions of lead (II) trioxonitrate (V) and hydrochloric acid were mixed. Assuming that lead (II) chloride is completely insoluble, calculate the mass of lead (II) chloride that will be precipitated.
[Pb = 207, Cl= 35.5, N = 14, O = 16]
  • A. 2.78g
  • B. 5.56g
  • C. 8.34g
  • D. 11.12g
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56.00cm3 of a gas at S.T.P. weighed 0.11g. What is the vapour density of the gas?
[Molar volume of a gas at S.T.P = 22.4dm3]
  • A. 11.00
  • B. 22.00
  • C. 33.00
  • D. 44.00
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