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Chemistry Past Questions

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In which of the following are water molecules in the most disorderly arrangement?

  • A. Ice at -10°C
  • B. Ice at 0°C
  • C. Water at 100°C
  • D. Steam at 100°C
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In order to remove one electron from a 3S orbital of gaseous sodium atom, about 496KJMol-1 of energy is required. This energy is referred to as
  • A. electron affinity
  • B. ionization energy
  • C. activation evergy
  • D. electronegativity
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Nitrogen obtained from the liquefaction of air has a higher density than that obtained from nitrogen containing compounds because the former contains
  • A. water vapour
  • B. oxygen
  • C. carbon (IV) oxide
  • D. rare gases
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The method that can be used to convert hard water to soft water is
  • A. chlorination
  • B. passage over activated charcoal
  • C. the use of an ion-exchange resin
  • D. aeration
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1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3s2, 3p6, 3d7, 4s2
An element with the electronic configuration above is a
  • A. non-metal
  • B. metal
  • C. transition element
  • D. group two element
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