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Animal Husbandry Past Questions

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(a) Explain each of the following terms as used in the slaughtering of farm animals:
(i) scalding 
(ii) singeing:
(iii) evisceration.

(b) Name four agents involved in the marketing of farm animals and animal products

(c) State five marketing functions that could be performed to facilitate the sale of chicken and eggs.

(d) Name three stages in the life cycle of a roundworm.

(e) Mention two methods of animal improvement.

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(a)i) Explain the term brooding as used in animal husbandry.

(ii) State four routine activities which are carried out in a brooder house.

(b) State four effects of parasites in livestock production.

(c) Mention four ways of controlling liver fluke in sheep production.

(d) Define the term artificial insemination as used in animal production.

(ii) State four advantages of artificial insemination in cattle production.

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Specimen A (Dry groundnut haulm)
Drying and ensiling on nutritive value of groundnut haulms

(a)i. Outline the procedure for obtaining specimen A.

(ii) State three benefits that farm animals could derive from feeding on specimen A

Specimen B (Guinea grass)
Guinea grass (Megathyrsus maximus) | Feedipedia

(b)(i) Mention two each that could be used to propagate specimen B;

(ii) preserve specimen B.

Specimen C (Kitchen knife)

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(c) State four of specimen C in animal production 

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Specimen E (Land snail)

Giant African Land Snail Animal Facts | Achatina fulica - AZ Animals

(a)(i) Name two external parts of the body of specimen E.

(ii) State five which could be derived from rearing specimen E.

(iii) Name three pests that could attack specimen E

Specimen F (Bamboo)
Golden Bamboo: Plant Care & Growing Guide

(b)(i) State three uses of specimen F on an animal farm.

(ii) Give two disadvantages of using specimen F on an animal farm


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Specimen H (Plastic bucket)
Round bucket plastic household 12 liters

(a)(i) State five ways in which specimen H could be used in poultry production.

(ii) Mention two advantages of using specimen H in animal production

(iii) State two disadvantages of using specimen H in animal production.


Specimen I (Mercury in glass thermometer)
Different Parts of a Mercury Thermometer

(b) Give one reason for using specimen I in the brooding of chicks


Specimen J (Ear tag)
Livestock Ear Tag (For Cattle, Pigs, and Goats) - Identification Tool - - Nigeria

(c)(i) State two ways in which the use of specimen J is important in animal production.

(ii) Name three farm animals on which specimen J could be used.

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