Animal Husbandry Past Questions

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(a) Outline the steps involved in processing specimen P into blood meal.

(b) Name two nutrients supplied by blood meal.

(c) Name two types of housing units for keeping specimen Q.

(d) Mention four products that could be obtained from specimen Q.

(e) Name two ectoparasites that could infest specimen Q.

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AN example of a non-ruminant farm animal is 

  • A. cattle
  • B. goat
  • C. rabbit
  • D. sheep
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A tube-like structure that carries air to the lungs of farm animals is

  • A. bronchiole
  • B. oesophagus
  • C. diaphragm
  • D. trachea
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In ruminants, gastric juice is produced in the

  • A. abomasum
  • B. omasum
  • C. reticulum
  • D. rumen
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The practice of feeding a special diet to ewe before mating is called

  • A. flushing
  • B. supplementation
  • C. steaming-up
  • D. creep feeding
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