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Sweet Sixteen Past Questions

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Aliya keeps having a "C" grade in what subject?

  • A. Mathematics
  • B. Biology
  • C. Physics
  • D. Chemistry
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In the novel, Aliya sufferes "body shaming" from which of these charaters?

  • A. Zak
  • B. Her Biology teacher
  • C. Miss Salako
  • D. Aunty Molara
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Abdullahi, having written extensively over the years on politics, policy  and development. "Sweeet Sixteen was his" ________________

  • A. Fifth book
  • B. First book
  • C. Third book
  • D. Second book
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Rebecca says all Muslim will go to hell because

  • A. they do not believe in Jesus
  • B. they marry more than one wife
  • C. they are violent
  • D. they hate people of other religions
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Which of the following was the concluding story hold by Aliya's father to solidify Aliya's Self-realization?

  • A. The Mahatma Gandhi story
  • B. His own childhood story
  • C. The Slave and the Captor story
  • D. The Hunter's story
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