Physics Past Questions

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Which of the following statements about magnetic lines of force is not correct? They

  • A. pass through even non-magnetic materials
  • B. run from the north pole to the south pole
  • C. are in a state of tension and tend to be shorted
  • D. intersect one another
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In which of the following activities is an induction coil not useful?

  • A. Investigation of high voltages
  • B. Study of electric discharge
  • C. Operation of X-ray tubes
  • D. A.C. power transmission
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In a series R-L-C circuit, R = 10\(\Omega\), \(X_{c}\)= 4\(\Omega\) and \(X_{L}\) = 9\(\Omega\). The impedance of the circuit is

  • A. 4.1\(\Omega\)
  • B. 5.0\(\Omega\)
  • C. 10.8\(\Omega\)
  • D. 11.2\(\Omega\)
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A student uses two compass needles to investigate the magnetic field around a bar magnet. Which of the following diagrams show the correct directions of the needles?

  • A. A
  • B. B
  • C. C
  • D. D
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Which of the following is emitted in a process of natural radioactivity?

  • A. \(\alpha\)- particles and \(\beta\)- particles
  • B. \(\alpha\)- particles and X-rays
  • C. \(\beta\)- particles and X-rays
  • D. \(\lambda\)- rays and X-rays
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