Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK) Past Questions

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The Prophet (SAW) died in which year?

  • A. 632C.E
  • B. 610C.E.
  • C. 519C.E
  • D. 517C.E.
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The shortest surah in the Qu’ran is

  • A. Suratun nas
  • B. Suratul Kawthar
  • C. Ikhlas
  • D. Suratul Falaq
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Khulafahar Rashidun means ___

  • A. a muslim community
  • B. a muslim Ummah
  • C. the faithful
  • D. the rightly guided Khalifat
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Khadija’s greatest contribution to the life of Mohammed in Makkah was that she

  • A. made him her salesman
  • B. made him very rich
  • C. gave him moral and financial support
  • D. wanted to make him king
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Taharah in Shari’ah is observed in all the following forms except?

  • A. Wudu
  • B. Tayammum
  • C. Istijanah
  • D. Ihraan
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