Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK) Past Questions

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The purification performed in the absence of water is?

  • A. Janabah
  • B. Janazah
  • C. Tayammum
  • D. Taslim
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The pre-Islamic period is known as?

  • A. Sunnat
  • B. Jahillyyah
  • C. Mujahidun
  • D. Al-Bait
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Which of the angels is in charge of paradise? _____

  • A. Mikail
  • B. Israil
  • C. Ridwan
  • D. Israfil
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Al-Mutamatti means one___

  • A. who performed ‘Umarah and waited for Hajj and performed Hajj
  • B. who enjoyed life in Makka and Madina
  • C. who visited most important places in Makka and Madinah
  • D. none of the above
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The early Muslims of Madinah were known as?

  • A. Ansar
  • B. Siffin
  • C. Uhud
  • D. Khandaq
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