Government 2019 JAMB Past Questions

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In a democratic system _______

  • A. Majority Vote
  • B. Legal Sovereignty shouldn't be unquestionable
  • C. Electoral college is always necessary
  • D. Minority vote but majority rule
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That type of sovereignty that thrives on legitimacy is__________

  • A. external sovereignty
  • B. vested on any form of government
  • C. legal sovereignty
  • D. within the people's mandate
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The right of a citizen to seek redress means the right to________

  • A. fair hearing
  • B. free access to legal materials
  • C. seek an appeal under another judgement
  • D. exercise his political liberty
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An order compelling a lower court or public corporation to perform in accordance with legitimacy is called_________

  • A. the writ of mandamus
  • B. the great writ
  • C. the writ of ombudsman
  • D. none of the above
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A form of government which has its slogan to be 'ruling of the best' is__________

  • A. democracy
  • B. aristocracy
  • C. timocracy
  • D. plutocracy
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