Geography Past Questions

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(a)Lst five landforms found in the upper course of a river.
(b) Highlight three differences and two Similarities between an alluvial fan and a delta.

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(a) Define climate.
(b) Draw the globe and show the three climatic belts of the Greek System of Classification.
(c) List three areas of hot deserts
(d) Outline three characteristics of hot deserts.

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(a) Define atmospheric condition.
(b) List four major sources of air pollutants.
(c) Highlight four effects of atmospheric pollution.

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The Table X above shows the number of farm units in three villages of Oju District in the year 2010. Use the data in Table X to answer the questions that follow. 

(a) Using the map of Oju District provided on page 3 and radius of 1 cm to represent 3 farm units, Construct proportional circles to represent the data. (b) State two disadvantages of proportional circles.

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Describe chemically formed sedimentary rocks under the following headings: (a) mode of formation; (b) three examples; (c) four importance.

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