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Geography Past Questions

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Which of the following winds affects the West Indian Islands of the Caribbean?

  • A. Territorial
  • B. mistral
  • C. chinook
  • D. hurricane
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The peeling off of surface layers of a rounded boulders during mechanical weathering is called________

  • A. Rock fragmentation
  • B. Solifluction
  • C. Exfoliation
  • D. Weathering
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One of the following does not determine the availability of resources in a country____________

  • A. Evolution
  • B. Emigration
  • C. Population
  • D. Morbidity
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'It is universal and can reach almost every where'. Which transport mode is being referred to ?

  • A. ocean
  • B. railway
  • C. road
  • D. ropeways
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All the following are environmental hazards except___________

  • A. flooding
  • B. vulcanicity
  • C. afforestation
  • D. deforestation
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