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Read the following passage carefully and then answer the question on it.

      Katsina has for years been famous for different reasons. Certain qualities have recommended the town as an inland port of call" for travellers. Katsina has long had an enviable record of possessing strong and resourceful farmers. Many of these have almost perfected the art of growing grains side by side with raising animals like goats, sheep, cows, horses and donkeys. Horses and donkeys are raised for their traditional role of keeping man's company and facilitating his movement from one point to the other. The other animals have been kept as sources of milk, meat and economic strength.

      Katsina a.focal town has for long prided herself on the presence of a good crop of artisans and craftsmen. Their depth of originality has formed the theme of folklore and songs. Most of these artisans engage in such activities as blacksmithing, leatherwork and woodcarving. Their products easily provide some explanation for some of the queues of travellers who stream into Katsina. The elegance of these artisans' output both real and imagined provides an extra attraction for the undecided visitors. Many would probably have remained unimpressed even with the commonly heard lines.

      'Those who can see admire the beauty of Katsina. Those who are blind simply inhale it'. Stories about the artisans have for ages successfully swayed many reluctant passers-by to make a stop in Katsina. Some of such calls have been brief and business-like with the callers simply focusing on satisfying their curiosity. Other callers have stopped, mixed with the people and forgotten to move on. This class of visitors would partly explain an interesting aspect of Katsina's population. The town has witnessed moments of drought and famine but such have hardly left their mark on the population.

      Another segment of Katsina's population has always occupied itself with some unique form of commercial participation..Some of these men and women might never be visibly engaged in moving wares. Most of them merely engage in passing the word on the availability of this or that produce or item. Some go on to arrange contacts between sellers and their potential buyers. In certain instances these information carriers might choose the location of the meeting, the time of day or night and the individuals that would form the requirements for a particular trade contract. It is not uncommon to find a chance meeting opening up a temporary or enduring association between a young lady and a prospective suitor.

      The beauty of Katsina has not been limited to its geographical and traditional eminence. The different groups of inhabitants have also combined to give the town a character of its own In six sentences, two for each group, summarise the major contributions by the following to the eminence of Katsina:

(a) farmers: (b) artisans: (c) traders.

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Choose the one nearest in meaning to the word(s) in bracket

Okibe was rusticated for his [derogatory] remark about the principal

  • A. complimentary
  • B. unwarranted
  • C. lack luster
  • D. unsavoury
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Choose the one nearest in meaning to the word(s) in bracket

Some men will continue to cause offences until they are given [a taste of their own medicine]

  • A. placated
  • B. revenged on
  • C. cured
  • D. recompensed for
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Choose the one nearest in meaning to the word(s) in bracket

Justice is difficult to enforce because people are unwilling to accept any loss of [sovereignty]

  • A. positing
  • B. leadership
  • C. autonomy
  • D. kingdom
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His many years of success in legal practise.... didn't come out without challenges

  • A. but
  • B. in spite of all
  • C. indeed
  • D. however
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