Economics Past Questions

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(a) What is demand- pull inflation?
(b) Why is price control not suitable in checking this type of inflation?

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 (a) Briefly outline the views of Thomas Malthus about population.
(b) How valid are such views about the Nigerian situation today?

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Explain the uses of national income figures.

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Given the figures below :
Price of commodity A in January = N5.00
Price of commodity A in February = N7.00
Quantity of A bought in January = 20 kg
Quantity of A bought in February = 16 kg (a) Calculate:
(i) Percentage change in quantity bought (% )
(ii) Percentage change in price of A (% )
(iii) Coefficient of price elasticity of demand (e)

(b) From your answer:
(i) is the demand elastic or inelastic?
(ii) How do you know this?

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Write short notes on
(a) Liquidity Ratio.
(b) Fixed Deposits.
(c) Money Market.

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