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Civic Education Past Questions

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(a) Define youth empowerment.
(b) Outline six youth empowerment skills.

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(a) Explain any three pillars of democracy from the list below: (i) independent judiciary (ii) the military (iii) political parties (iv) civil society organizations (v) free and independent press
(b) Highlight three reasons why competition for political power among poiticians if fierce in Nigeria.

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(a) Define modern mode of popular participation
(b) Explain six ways popular participation can facilitate the advancement of a developing society.

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(a) itemize five components of the public service in Nigeria
(b) Advance five reasons for the ineffectiveness and inefficiency of public servants in Nigeria.

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A prerequisite for orderliness is

  • A. humility
  • B. morality
  • C. hardwork
  • D. politeness
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