Civic Education Past Questions

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One major factor that hinders women from participating actively in politics is 

  • A. their educational background
  • B. lack of fund and financial power
  • C. societal discrimination and belief system
  • D. their religious background
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under the 1999 Nigerian constitution, the Judiciary exercises the greatest over the

  • A. States legislatures and National Assembly
  • A. Executive and Legislature
  • B. House of Representatives and Senate
  • C. Local Government Councils and The State Houses of Assembly
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The activities of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) can help in promoting the following except

  • A. development
  • B. democracy
  • C. justice
  • D. dictatorship
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Based on the cartoon, it is evident that fuel scarcity is associated with the following except

  • A. corruption in public corporation driven oil sector
  • B. the inability of fuel marketers to supply fuel
  • C. corruption in private corporation driven oil sector
  • D. adequate importation of petrol by licensed marketers
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the statement "government has started the war on corruption" is an indication that 

  • A. taxi drivers are not happy with the new fuel price
  • B. the patronage of taxi has reduced
  • C. government is now tackling a major civic problem
  • D. Corruption has been eradicated in the oil sector
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