Civic Education Past Questions

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A healthy inter-communal relationship is not associated with

  • A. political development
  • B. economic progress
  • C. state of violence
  • D. societal security
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Cult activities are usually characterized by

  • A. terrorist activities
  • B. despotic tendencies
  • C. violent disposition
  • D. martial bravery
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Which of the following cannot be termed drug abuse?

  • A. Using prescribed drugs the wrong way
  • B. Drinking alcohol in excess
  • C. Frequent intake of soft drinks
  • D. The use of self-medication
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An interventionist programme between two warring groups can best be made successful through

  • A. conciliation
  • B. cooperation
  • C. mediation
  • D. counseling
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The blindfold on the symbol of the woman in the image indicates that laws must be applied

  • A. with great caution
  • B. in favour of women
  • C. with a neutral mindset
  • D. by an anonymous judge
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