Chemistry Past Questions

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The compounds made up of only carbon and hydrogen are called?

  • A. Carbon compounds
  • B. Hydrocarbons
  • C. Atoms
  • D. Carbon hydrolysis
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One of the following is not a physical property of monosaccharides?

  • A. Monosaccharides get charred when heated
  • B. Monosaccharides are water-soluble, sweet substances
  • C. They are highly vital to the exploration of metals
  • D. They can be reduced to sugar alcohols
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In troposphere, the two types of pollutants are?

  • A. Gaseous and particulate pollutants
  • B. Carbon and metallic pollutants
  • C. Natural and man-made pollutants
  • D. Sulphuric and nitrogenous pollutants
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The molar enthalpy change accompanying the removal of an electron from a gas phase atom or ion in its ground state is called?

  • A. Electron gain enthalpy
  • B. Ionization enthalpy
  • C. Enthalpy change
  • D. Enthalpic gas removal
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The fourteen elements (atomic number 90-103) after actinium are called? 

  • A. Actinoids
  • B. Nucleotides
  • C. Pre-actinum elements
  • D. Atomic elements
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