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Chemistry Past Questions

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The elements in the periodic table are listed in order of increasing

  • A. relative atomic number
  • B. atomic mass
  • C. relative isotopic mass
  • D. nuclear charge
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H\(_2\) S\(_{(g)}\) + Cl\(_{2(g)}\) → 2HCl\(_{(g)}\) + S\(_{(g)}\) In the reaction above, the substance that is reduced is

  • A. H\(_2\)S
  • B. S
  • C. HCl
  • D. Cl\(_2\)
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Which of the compounds is composed of Al, Si, O and H?

  • A. Epson salt
  • B. Limestone
  • C. Clay
  • D. Urea
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When large hydrocarbon molecules are heated at high temperature in the presence of a catalyst to give smaller molecules, the process is known as

  • A. disintegration
  • B. polymerization
  • C. cracking
  • D. degradation
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In the removal of water hardness, permutit is regenerated with a strong solution of

  • A. NaOH
  • B. Na\(_3\)SO\(_4\)
  • C. Na\(_3\)CO\(_3\)
  • D. NaCl
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