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Accounts - Principles of Accounts Past Questions

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The net profit or loss for the year is determined in profit and loss account after
  • A. deducting purchases from sales
  • B. deducting cost of goods sold from sales and adding administrative expenses
  • C. adding commissions received to gross profit
  • D. eliminating all expenses from gross profit and adding any other income
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If a bad debt previously written off is subsequently repaid, the amount collected is recorded as an
  • A. income in the profit and loss account
  • B. income in the balance sheet
  • C. additional cash in the profit and loss account
  • D. expense in the balance sheet
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Beginning and ending accounts receivable balances were N8,000 and N15,000 respectively. If collections from customers during the period were N36,000, then total sales on account would be
  • A. N23,000
  • B. N29,000
  • C. N36,000
  • D. N43,000
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From which of the following sources are creditors control account most likely to be posted?
  • A. supplier's invoices
  • B. cash disbursements journal
  • C. subsidiary debtors ledger
  • D. purchases journal
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Which of the following categories of labour cost will be classified as direct?
  • A. accountant's salary
  • B. factory workers' salary
  • C. managing director's salary
  • D. cashier's salary
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