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We're giving 20GB data every week till 2022

The challenge has begun! Join now for free.
Myschool.ng, in partnership with Lintolpay.com, will be giving 20GB of internet data to students, every week, till 3rd January, 2022. Students will primarily be selected based on their performance in the Myschool CBT Challenge Ranking. This challenge begins on 30th Aug 2021. That said, the first set of winners will emerge on 6th Sept and the last set will emerge on 3rd January, 2022.

WAEC GCE Prep - Download past questions mobile app
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Lintolpay.com offers instant recharge of Airtime, Databundle, CableTV (DStv, GOtv & Startimes), Electricity Bill Payment and Airtime to cash. While Myschool will select the best students to receive the rewards each week, Lintolpay.com will support the winning students by providing 20GB worth of data directly into their mobile numbers on any network provider.

We're giving 20GB data every week till 2022

Selecting Winners

Like we pointed out earlier, winners will be selected based on their performance and ranking in the Myschool CBT Challenge Ranking. There will be two categories of winners selected every month from the ranking as follows;

1. First week of every month: We will select the top 5 students on the Challenge Ranking.

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2. Other weeks of every month: We will randomly select 5 students from the top 50 on the Challenge Ranking.

Crediting Winners

Winners will be credited with 4GB worth of data each. This will be credited to any mobile number currently being used in their Myschool profile. Before you begin the competition, you can re-confirm your phone number to be credited by clicking here.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

This challenge is open to every Nigerian student and it’s 100% free. This means you do not need to pay anything to be part of this challenge. All you need to do is become a member of the website. Click here and join for free. You need the account to access the Myschool CBT Classroom Exam. But if you are already a member, then you are good to go.

How To Participate

1. Visit the Myschool CBT Exam Page. The direct link is https://www.myschool.ng/classroom/exam

2. Read instructions on the page, then select the "JAMB SIMULATOR" as the exam option.

3. ENGLISH is compulsory. Select your 3 other preferred subjects, and select the "FULL EXAM MODE". Only "full exam mode" is allowed for the contest.

4. Correctly solve the questions given to you by the system, and be among the top 5 students (for the first week of the month) and top 50 students (for the other weeks of the month) on the CHALLENGE RANKING, as graded by the Myschool CBT Ranking System.

For the other weeks of the month, the system collates the raffle draw contestants for a particular week at exactly 12:01 AM on Monday of the following week. Once you fall in the top 50 at that time, YOU QUALIFY FOR THE DRAW! If you are still writing at the time the system collates winners, you automatically fall into the new week. We will therefore go ahead to randomly select 5 winners from the 50 collated.

If your strategy to win is to become tops on our ranking, then prepare for the first week of every month.

Winners for each week will be published in the comment section of this particular publication.

Eligible Subjects for the Competition

The only subjects allowed for selection for this year's Myschool CBT Challenge, are as follows;

  1. English Language (Compulsory)
  2. Mathematics
  3. Accounts - Principles of Accounts
  4. Further Mathematics
  5. Literature in English
  6. Agricultural Science
  7. Commerce
  8. Geography
  9. Economics
  10. Government
  11. Biology
  12. Physics
  13. Chemistry
  14. Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK)
  15. Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK)
  16. Civic Education
  17. History

The Trick!

The ultimate trick to be among the winners for each week is to write as many exams as possible and to score a high cumulative score to be among the top 5 for the first week or top 50 for other weeks of the month, in as many FULL EXAM MODE sessions as possible. The more FULL EXAM MODE sessions you can complete, the higher your chances of being among the top 5 or 50. This simply means that you gain additional points each time you practice.

The Myschool App & Software Advantage;

Oh yes, those who have the activated version of the Myschool CBT Mobile App and Myschool CBT Computer Software can participate too. In fact, they have an advantage! A lot of winners emerge from the app and software because these tools load faster during the exam as you don't require the internet to load questions. This gives you more time to practice and a better time advantage. You only require minimal internet to send your scores to the Myschool CBT ranking. To enjoy this advantage, get the app and activate it.

What To Do Now?

You can join the challenge right away. If you are yet to sign up or create a free account, click here now to do so and Join the Myschool CBT Classroom. If you already have an account, what are you waiting for? Click here to get started now.

This competition is, of course, different from our yearly "Myschool CBT Challenge Season 8", which comes up in November this year, with even more prizes.

Kindly note that Myschool reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this challenge at any time to ensure fairness to all contestants.

Thanks to Lintolpay.com for this kind gesture to Nigerian Students.

Goodluck Myschoolers!!!

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