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Post-UTME Past Questions & Exam Preparation Guide

This guide will put you through on how to prepare for your Post-UTME Exam, by giving you the best Free Post UTME Past Questions and Exam Format for Post-UTME of your school of choice. We will show you how to score high in your Post-UTME Exam, with or without the official Post UTME past questions for your school. This is based on years of Myschool Experience on Post-UTME Past Questions, so ensure you go through all the content of this page.

To get a good idea of the most likely questions to be set on Post-UTME Exam day, you have to first find out the Post-UTME Exam Format for your school of choice. Here's what we mean by the Exam Format;

Post-UTME Past Questions & Exam Preparation Guide
  1. Some schools set Post-UTME based on generalized questions for all faculties. Example; Maths, English & General Knowledge. Everybody writes the same thing.
  2. Some will ask questions based on your faculty, just like JAMB. Example; For Medicine (English, Biology, Chemistry & Physics), for Accounting (English, Accounts, Commerce & Maths), etc.
  3. Some others will simply give you qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Your ability to determine what Post-UTME Exam Format your school of choice uses, especially if you don't have any Post-UMTE Past Questions to guide you, is the key to a successful result.

With the Official Post-UTME Past Questions for your school, this task will be easy for you. The material will give you information on the type/format of the exam, the time given for the exam, and even the number of questions to expect.

Although there are a lot of fake materials all over the internet, Myschool promises to only provide you actual past questions from the school. We do a lot of rigorous vetting and review, to ensure the material you get is genuine. If you have the complete and official post-UTME past questions for any school, click here to sell on Myschool.

To check if Myschool has now obtained the Official Post-UTME Past Questions for your specific school of choice, please click here.

Although Myschool won't be able to get all the Post-UTME Past Questions for all Institutions, if you know the exam format employed by your school of choice, you can easily use the Free Myschool Classroom to get prepared.

The funny thing, about most of the questions set in Post-UTME Exams, is that they are actually combined questions from JAMB and WAEC. We randomly searched some of the questions from Post-UTME Past Questions from some schools, and the links to the questions and answers came out from the Myschool Classroom Database. This means that most of the questions are already in the Myschool Classroom.

Therefore, If you will be tested on any specific subject, they are all available for free in the Myschool Classroom such as;

For those of you who would like the get the official Post-UTME Past Questions from your school. Please click here to check if we have uploaded the one for your school.

When you are done practicing questions in your Post-UTME material, or if you don't have a Post-UTME Material to prepare for your coming exam, you can get more questions for free in the Myschool Classroom for now.

Most schools now set these Post-UTME Past Questions in CBT Format. It's still the same past questions, only that they have now been typed into the computer system. If you practice the Past Questions properly, you will pass.

For those of you who already have the Myschool CBT Software and Myschool Mobile App, you have an advantage. Use the "Study Past Questions" section of the software or app to get more questions to practice for your Post-UTME. Your app or software already has a lifetime activation code for your device.

Generally, most Post-UTME Questions and Exams typically lasts for 1 hour, but it will not be out of place to see a 30 minute exam.

We will be discussing only issues relating to Post-UTME Exams & Past Questions in the comment section. Feel free to drop your issue in the comment section.

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Comments (101)

9 months ago
@myschool,pls I ordered for Unilorin past questions and paid yesterday but my order is still showing unpaid.pls help
9 months ago
UNN past questions needed.
9 months ago
Abu Zaria post questions needed....
Ayo Oluwaseun
9 months ago
Plz i need Nasarawa State University post-utme past questions. Tnxz!
9 months ago
ao can i get fuoye putme past question
9 months ago
UNIMED POST UTME latest past questions Needed
9 months ago
Thanks to Myschool. FUT MINNA post UTME past questions needed.
9 months ago
Myschool i still need to subscribe the post UTNE past questions if i've already activated my jamb app??#i mean d past question for DELSU #medicine#
9 months ago
any news on withheld results?
9 months ago
please my school there is something i want to comfirm i wanted to purchase the post utme for Absu but u have for only social science and art and also for science student no one for administrative department or tge one for social science is it still for administartive
  • Sandra: i need answer please oh Myschool i wanted to purchase Absu post utme past question but i only saw the one for social science and art and for science student what about other department like administrative department
    Like 0    Dislike 0   9 months ago
  • Myschool: Thanks for writing in. The one for social science is right for you.
    Like 0    Dislike 0   9 months ago
  • Sandra: please Myschool i dont actually get it. social science is not on its own its combined with Art is that one am supposes to click
    Like 0    Dislike 0   9 months ago
  • Myschool: Yes Sandra, the one labled for arts is combined for both Art and Social Science... Just as it's stated there. While the one for Science is for science, medicine, engineering etc.
    Like 0    Dislike 0   9 months ago
9 months ago
Delsu post utme past questions needed
Kenny Jeremiah
9 months ago
Please myschool i need fuoye past questions. I want to buy
9 months ago
please my school i made an oder for delsu past question and i made payment but its still showing unpaid why how can i comfirm
9 months ago
Please what is the format for BUK post utme?
9 months ago
please Myschool i made a payment of delsu past question yesterday and its still showing unpaid i did a transfer to your diamond account please reply me

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