2020 WAEC Civic Education Theory Recommend five ways through which youths can be empowered

WAEC 2020

Recommend five ways through which youths can be empowered


 (i) Encouraging them to follow their passion: Youths should be encouraged to follow their passion. Professionals, scholars, and experts in various fields can be invited to advise and guide them in realizing their dreams.

(ii) Encouraging them to start now: Youths should be encouraged to start whatever they plan to do to realize their goals. They should shun the act of procrastinating in all they do.

(iii) Showing them that their opinions matter: Show them that their opinions matter. Let them know that their opinions will be valued.

(iv) Treating them with humility: Treat them with humility so that they can build confidence and patience in all they do. This empowers them.

(v) Sharing with them the success story of youths who became successful as a result of hard work: The success stories of people who became successful as a result of hard work should be shared with them.

(vi) Drawing their attention to opportunities: Their attention should be drawn to opportunities around them, e.g. scholarship programmes for indigent students, skill acquisition programmes, etc

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