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Consonant cluster?

Consonant cluster?

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Answers (3)

3 months ago
Sometimes sounds blend together as is the case with consonant blends. Consonant blends (also called consonant clusters) are a collection of two or three different consonant sounds that are each heard when the word is pronounced. For example, let's look at the word "drink." Both the letters "d" and "r" are consonants.
mizta smart
3 months ago
consanant cluster is a group of consonants without
an intervening vowel
3 months ago
A consonant cluster in a word is a group of consonants with no vowels between them. The longest possible cluster in English is three consonant sounds at the start, such as 'splash', and four at the end, as in 'twelfths'.

The tongue twister 'The sixth twisty crisp' has several consonant clusters in it, making it difficult to pronounce
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