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Which bar did Aliya and her dad drive to? (a) Aunty Gigis (b) Aunty Gees...

Which bar did Aliya and her dad drive to? (a) Aunty Gigis (b) Aunty Gees (c) Aunty jijis (d) Madam Gigis?

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Answers (4)

La Niraddy
1 week ago
They drove to Aunty gigis popular fast food place.
1 week ago
A) Aunty GIgis, when Aliya and her Father was driving around, at the moment they were discussing about hunger, her father was discussing and tells her that hunger is what a person need to Derive a life ahead, which he was not simply saying that food hunger alone; that is the deep desire of a human being can improve life condition and be a better person, at the moment he just finishing saying that, they approached to Aunty Gigs, a popular fast food place, he asked her if she would like something to eat or drink. And she reply with " she wouldn't mind" and he stopped and got her ice cream and orange.
1 week ago
The Correct Option Is A
Aunty Gigis
1 week ago
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