JAMB 2020 Change of Course And Institution - Monitoring Thread

There have been questions from 2020 UTME candidates as to whether or not the JAMB change of course and institution for 2020 has commenced. Well, at the moment there has not been any official announcement from JAMB concerning the commencement of the process.

We understand that the link for payment has been enabled on candidates' individual profiles but we are not sure if the process itself has commenced.

JAMB 2020 Change of Course And Institution - Monitoring Thread

Though there are rumours that the process has begun but we are yet to confirm the credibility of this.

Whatever be the case, we are going to use this thread to monitor and confirm if it has actually started and if not, then this thread will equally help us to know when it commences.

So if you have been able to process your change of course or institution or have a valid proof of someone who has been able to process his or her own changes, please let us know in the comment section.

All 2020 JAMB Candidates who wish to make any changes in their course/institution are advised to ensure they keep visiting this thread from time to time to check comments and see if there is any update that the process has commenced.

At the moment, what you need to do is to be sure of the course and institution you wish to change to, make sure you have the UTME/O'level requirements for that course and be sure the school offers such course. More importantly, get the Post-UTME Post-UTME Past Questions of your school of choice and start preparing for the Post-UTME exercise. You can CLICK HERE NOW to get yours.

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2 weeks ago
  • Midas: Hi all.

    I have made payment for change of institution data correction back in April, however, the change cannot be effected yet.
    Below is the screenshot from my portal.
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2 weeks ago
I have paid since last month but couldn't change now my fear of the schools releasing post utme has finally caught me
1 week ago
The portal is not yet opened for any correction. check here for the steps https://bit.ly/2NIwGO0
1 week ago
let school reopen first. we cannot get admission when school is not yet open nahh
1 week ago
I did my Change of institition today to unical at CBT IN DELTA STATE. total cost 3500
it is only CBT that are able to do it .
locate any ctb in your state .
1 week ago
Guys I did mine yesterday at jamb office UYO Akwa ibom,just go to jamb CBT center and the rest will be glory,no thumb printing but proof will be printing of ur jamb registration slip containing your new school and new course ,peace be upon on us.
  • abbey: The message of J-jnr appears more believable than that of Sam, even at that, must young nigerians go through hell to get anything done? If everybody must go to JAMB office cbt center for this, l tire o. hmmn.
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  • abbey: Good morning guys, my junior brother just called me after jamb wasted his time, car fuel & stress of long journey to jamb office cbt center this morning that without otp (One Time Password) to be sent to affected candidates, nothing can be changed in his data. Pls take note so as not have high BP. I hope J-jnr is also not economical with the true situation of things.
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  • J-jnr: Hey Abbey,I am not trying to be economical with any situation bro.what will I gain should I miss guide people.like I said before ,I made payment for the change since May but couldn't effect it through the cyber cafe If not for my curiousity and wanting to meet up with my desired institution,i would still be waiting for the cyber guys.it was jamb who notified me to proceed to CBT center to effect the changes I desired.the changes was made,my new course and school I changed to was emailed to my gmail account by JAMB.There was nothing like OTP whatever you meant that day,and for your info a lot of candidates paid that day I.e last week Friday and got their changes effected also.So maybe ur bro have another issue to rectify apart from correcrion of data .I wish him good luck.
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  • Raphshow: if change of institution has started does it mean that uploading of o'level results too has started?
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  • Ofobs: How much is the change of institution
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  • abbey: Hello everyone, my brother eventually succeeded in an acredited cbt center by retrieving his OTP code which all candidates affected must have whether you have paid before through a cyber cafe or not.
    May be J-jnr is not aware of this unique code. Pls go to a functional cbt center with the sim card you registered with & don't be money wise, o.k? For Ofobs, the reliable answer to your question is N2,500 ATM card/bank charges not inclusive. No tension, just have fun while doing any of your data correctio. No thump printing either. Thanks to JAMB for prompt responce to candidates complaints. Best of luck.
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5 days ago
Well,I don't know if I'm the only one,but JAMB's one time password OTP is not going for Glo network. On Monday,I registered for data correction but I got stuck at the OTP step. While others with different networks got their OTP code immediately and proceeded to complete the process,I couldn't proceed because anytime I send OTP to 55019,the reply is always THIS SERVICE IS NOT AVAILABLE. I've wasted up to 300 naira on this now. Pls,am I the only one who used Glo to register for Jamb that has this exact problem
  • sirhardex: i lost the sim card i used for my registration, and I'm about to do correction of data, please how do i go about OTP of a stuff.
    please help a soul, any alternative?
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  • abbey: Sirhardex, go & do sim swapping, popularly known as "welcome back" but if the sim is not yours, too bad. You have to book an appointment & visit any jamb office close to you for solution. Be more careful next time. Best of luck.
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1 day ago
Even me too dear since friday 10-saturday 11 july i have been going to cbt,but others with mtn line there own is just easy,i haven't receive the otp on my glo line till now,and payment has been acepted by jamb since saturday morning!
1 day ago
i have done mine since last week
but they haven't send it to me through gmail so i can print it
and it has reflected on the jamb portal that it has been approved (used)

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