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Exam Revision for the Novel "Sweet Sixteen" by Bolaji Abdullahi

“Sweet Sixteen” by Bolaji Abdullahi is the official novel to be read by every JAMB candidate in the 2019 UTME, irrespective of the course you intend to study. We will therefore be embarking on Exam Revision to study this novel by giving summaries, possible questions and important information that would help you pass every single question set by JAMB from this novel. Please always check this publication for new updates on this revision class.

Every candidate registering for 2019 UTME is entitled to this novel, “Sweet Sixteen” by Bolaji Abdullahi, so ensure you demand for it at the centre where you are registering for UTME. It is compulsory, and it is your right to have it.

Exam Revision for the Novel

We will use this publication to link important resources, and future links concerning this novel. When we have summaries of the novel, or group of questions that you will find useful, we will be linking them below as we come closer to the exam.

To get JAMB CBT Past Questions, some of which we will include from this novel, through JAMB practice app and software, please get your copy at this link;

Here is some basic information from the novel;

Author of Sweet 16: Bolaji Abdullahi

Genre: The Genre of Sweet Sixteen is Fiction

Number of Pages: Pages is Sweet Sixteen: 53

Publication Year: Sweet sixteen was published on February 1, 2017

Short Desciption: Aliya has to constantly remind her father that she is not a child but ‘a young adult.’ He does not always agree with her.

But now that she is turning sixteen, he is sitting up and taking notice. The expected birthday card from him is replaced by a present and no holds barred letter – a page for each year she has lived.

It chronicles the lessons he has tried to teach her and the wisdom he has attempted to pass to her. It unburdens the burning questions she has about life and sometimes shows through the cluelessness of parental units.

Aliya questions who she is and why she is; with her father as a guide on this journey of discovery. An engaging coming of age guide on life and love for the teenage girl.

Before we really get started, Have you already finished reading the novel? We believe it should take you up to 5 days to thoroughly complete this novel, so we're throwing the flow open for those who have already finished the novel. How would you summarize what you understand from the book so far?

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Comments (198)

8 months ago
Learning from the piece is worth time spent on it
And seeing life from a well connected family
  • Tonyvic: I view it as a coming of age story, which features Aliya, mr. Bello(Aliya father) and a couple of others.
    Aliya would have to let her father know she is now a lady at age 16.
    And not a child but her father would n't agree, until he began to realize the rapid change in thinking/thought from Aliya.
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  • Muhammad shamsu adamu: Is there any solution pertaining upcoming jamb?
    Like 6    Dislike 6   8 months ago
  • issa: How is the pages in text 157
    Like 6    Dislike 2   8 months ago
  • shonde yemisi: Is questions coming from the novel for jamb
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  • ????: any question coming ....
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  • Sheyicrown: the pages are 53
    Like 2    Dislike 3   8 months ago
  • Ibukunnlaoluwa: Hello Myschool team. Thank you for your timely updates. Please check the correctt number of pages which is 53 in the recent Novel (Sweet Sixteen) given to students at the CBT Centers against 157 pages reported in your updates.

    Thank you,

    Like 9    Dislike 2   8 months ago
  • Ibukunnlaoluwa: Hello Myschool team. I can I get all the soft copy of the JAMB past questions on all subjects offered for my personal revision.

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  • Temitope: The story was actually trying to send an eye opening message to us teenagers.Aliya represents all the teenagers, and her father signifies the picture of a mentor, who teaches Aliya of what being a young adult entails, not what Aliya taught it really entails.
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  • Generic: thanks, Team
    Like 3    Dislike 1   8 months ago
  • Jewel: Question are going to come out from the novel... So pls take note of little details of this novel.. Nothing should be left out.

    And pls you'll should learn the correct spelling of that magazine, Aliya, found in her aunty's room. (I believe they might mix up the spellings)
    Read little details like the Genre of the novel, the author...The little details we think doesn't matter that what they end up bringing out...... Read read read read and pray... All the best guys.
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  • OFFOR JENNIFER: hello myschool team can i really get past question in soft copies
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  • Phebe: The fiction is exactly what fits our generation,thanks to the jamb official...there are questions coming out of this novel,so its important we read all without excluding any....thanks to my school...
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  • Aghe Promise: New here...
    I really need to know what this is all about...
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  • Kristpina: I Thought Dat Dy Novel Swt 16 Was Just A Story Dat Alayi Her Self Was Her Self Just According 2 Dy Full Script. Well Dy Story Is Also 4 Us Teens Sha. But I Believe At 16 She Is Not Yet An Adult But A Tenager Not An Adult. Not Only Dat Dy Did Not Mention If She Had A Mother Or Dat She Passed Away, Dats My Own View.
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  • Kristpina: I Mean She Was Dy One Reading It, Though Dy Novel Was 4 Exams Any Ways
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  • Adenike: Aliya has a mother,she was a nurse in the novel,the novel sweet sixteen will be given to you when you go for registration,demand for it.
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  • Series'J: Hw can i get full novel of sweet sixteen
    Like 2    Dislike 3   8 months ago
  • Joanna: In my own view of the book,Sweet sixteen is simply a message to all teens out there,it tells us of a girl,Aliyah who learnt about the coming age of life through her father, Mr.Bello,she has questions of life,and through her father in his best way to teach her,teaches her by correcting her wrong views and even adding stories to complement it,There are many possible questions likely to come out for this novel.its a coming of age story and i simply love the story,because of the knowledge it attempts to pass through its characters
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  • Sulaiman Yusuf: thanks alot for this support!
    Like 1    Dislike 2   8 months ago
  • Joe gidado: It's about aliyah discovering herself as a young adult and knowing the does and don't of adult life together with all the skills required to take on life as an adult in areas such as s*x,relatiomships,ethics and norms in the society
    Like 1    Dislike 1   8 months ago
  • Chinonso: In summary the story sweet sixten is actually a story of a young adult named aliya whom sees herself as an adult, she never admit that she is a child, moreover the story go forward to erabulate some of the challenges that are being faced to upcoming adult. Thanks for my school for putting us through.
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  • Moses: Aliya i s try to tell mr bello that am not a child am know young girl because am 16 now
    Like 3    Dislike 1   8 months ago
  • snookiejay: I have some likely questions base on the text
    Add up on whatsapp to get them
    Like 4    Dislike 1   8 months ago
  • snookiejay: Title : Sweet Sixteen
    Author : Bolaji Abdullahi
    Genre: Fiction
    Format: Paperback
    Dimension: 5.5X 8.5
    Number of Pages: 157
    Publication Year: February 1, 2017
    Publisher: TND Press Limited
    ISBN: 978-978-546-375-0.
    1. What was the introductory statement on Aliya’s 16th birthday letter?
    CORRECT ANSWER=”How time flies”
    2. What is the title of Aliyas 16th birthday letter?
    CORRECT ANSWER= ”Letter to my daughter”
    3. What was so special about Aliya’s 16th birthday letter?
    CORRECT ANSWER= It had 16 pages and each page for each year of her life.
    4. What surprised Aliya about her 16th birthday letter?
    CORRECT ANSWER= She thought her dad copied Maya Angelou work with the title “letter to my daughter”, but was surprised to see her dad copied only the title and wrote the letter in his words.
    5. What was the title of Aliya’s 12th birthday letter?
    CORRECT ANSWER= Happy birthday my first lady, remember only God is greater than you.
    6. Who is the protagonist in the book sweet sixteen?
    7. In the department of rascality and smartness who was the gold medallist?
    8. To Aliya what is the meaning of being dumb?
    CORRECT ANSWER= Not being intelligent.
    9. What is the title of chapter one of sweet sixteen?
    CORRECT ANSWER= the letter.
    10. What is Aliya’s mother profession?
    CORRECT ANSWER= Nursing.
    11. What is the name of Aliya’s father?
    12. To Aliya being called a child is the same thing as?
    13. At the birth of Aliya what was he father’s profession?
    CORRECT ANSWER= Journalism.
    14. The only thing Aliya’s father thought was worth celebrating was?
    CORRECT ANSWER= Achievements not birthday.
    15. The name of the writer of sweet sixteen is?
    CORRECT ANSWER= Bolaji Abdullahi.
    16. What name disgusted Aliya most?
    CORRECT ANSWER= you could call her chubby, plump but not fat.
    17. At What age did Aliya start wearing bra?
    CORRECT ANSWER= at the age of ten.
    18. At what age did Aliya get into secondary school?
    19. What was Aliyas perception about her roommate Grace?
    CORRECT ANSWER= She was a nice and generous person.
    20. What was the proof that Aliya was serious in her chemistry for the term?
    CORRECT ANSWER= It reflected in her continuous Assessment and she made an A at the end of the term.
    21. What kind of girls did Mr. Bello say boys like?
    CORRECT ANSWER= Dumb girls
    22. According to sweet sixteen what is the main aim of chess game?
    CORRECT ANSWER= to capture opponents king.
    23. Why did Aliya not return Tokunbos teddy bear which he gave her on Valentine’s Day?
    CORRECT ANSWER= She thought she won’t do that without hurting him.
    24. Aliya’s religion was?
    CORRECT ANSWER= Islamic religion.
    25. What was Aliya’s sixteenth birthday present?
    CORRECT ANSWER= A portable digital Camera.
    26. What was Aliya doing when grace returned from the bathroom on Aliya 16th birthday?
    CORRECT ANSWER= Dressing her bed.
    27. What are the definitions Mr. Bello give as the meaning of dumb girls?
    CORRECT ANSWER= A girl who needs to live up to people’s expectation
    28. What statement does Aliya father make to end discussions during visiting days?
    CORRECT ANSWER= ”By the way do you still have your inhalers”
    29. What sickness was Aliya suffering from?
    30. What advice did Aliya’s father give to her when she asked if she could return the teddy to bobo.
    CORRECT ANSWER= “Well is a decision you have to make for yourself”.
    31. Mention two incidence that stopped Aliya from returning Bobo’s teddy to him?
    CORRECT ANSWER= the duty master approaching them in their mode of discussion and secondly tokunbo travelling to Ireland.
    32. What is Bobo’s real name?
    CORRECT ANSWER= Tokunbo.
    33. She felt she could be charged for the number of words she spoke who is this?
    34. Apart from Public relations job another occupation considered by Aliya’s mother for her father is?
    CORRECT ANSWER= Stand-up Comedy
    35. Who is the king of boys according to the novel?
    36. What did Aliya’s friends tell her about having male siblings?
    CORRECT ANSWER= they are annoying.
    37. What was the name of Aliya’s mathematics teacher?
    CORRECT ANSWER= Miss Salako.
    38. “Must you always be a jerk, she asked menacingly” who was this statement referring to and why?
    CORRECT ANSWER= To Akin because he pronounced mensuration as menstruation which made the whole class burst into laughter.
    39. What was people’s perception about Grace?
    CORRECT ANSWER= People thought she was a snob because she did not like talking.
    40. Aliya’s birthday gift while in school was mostly given to her by?
    CORRECT ANSWER= the principal.
    41. What was written on the teddy bears heart shaped embossment given to Aliya by Tokunbo?
    CORRECT ANSWER= I love you.
    42. To perform well in the terminal examination what did Aliya plan to do?
    CORRECT ANSWER= to improve her correct answering speed by taking off five minutes allowed to each question.
    43. At primary school, Aliya’s father was working with a?
    CORRECT ANSWER=Public Relations Agency.
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  • CHIMESTRY: How many times is the word "CHEMISTRY" mentioned in the novel ?
    Like 10    Dislike 1   8 months ago
  • Hannah: (6)times
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  • honesty: you all are wonderfull, WOW ilike that , what a brilliant children we have in this nation, CADET MY PEOPLE
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  • honesty: PLEASE, keep it up eeh
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  • Kingsam_py: Summary of "sweet sixteen"
    "she's trying to know more about life" (race).
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  • Blessing: Pls have any one seen his/her exam date
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  • luss2019: i like dat continue asking questions ohhh we are brilliant in our generation
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  • Liman: U think so
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  • Da green: have anyone his/her exam date
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  • Da green: have anyone seen his/her exam date
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  • Damilola: Well not so,av u seen yours
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  • Omoblessed: Gud day my school team, am new here cani know how far u guys hav gone
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  • Alicia flashy: Chai..i am happy i joined myschool...its cool..
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  • Loyalty: Wow......
    I really enjoyed being here, all thanks to myschool
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  • Rugba: wow
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  • olusegun: who has receive his/her jamb date
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  • Faith Jimlas: this is interesting
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  • Peter: This novel is really interesting.. I learnt alot here
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  • Chinenye: I love this group its good
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  • Shasha: OhmyGod!!!!!!
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  • Sholayo: what was written on the birthday card that was given to aliya on her 16th birthday?
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  • Western: The Book Sweet Sixteen is a very nice book that outlines how a child should live his or her life, it teaches moral values and it shows procedures on how to approch things in different areas of life eg. love
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  • Onyin: Wow
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  • Felicity: Dis group is really interesting!
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  • dan: like
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  • Ikrims: Tnx
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  • Ikrims: Pls ma gmail is not functioning nd i dn't knw why wat am i going to do
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  • Endurance: Has any one seen his/her jamb date n centre
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  • millicent: hi guyz my old gmail is nt functionin due 2 change of number and dats wat i used for jamb what can i do
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  • ekomekidoblessing: hi just catching up witn the interesting novel ''sweet sixteen''
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  • Dauda: Never read it finish wat of to talk abt d boy tokunbo who gave aliya a valentine gift nd her told her dat not every boy dat give out a gift to a boy loves her
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  • mj splash: hy guys love did
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  • baron: sweet sixteen is fictious novel filled with elements of filled with fascinating encapstulates the true spirit of what the contemporary parenthood entails.there are many much questions to come from this text especially of" stereotype'',about rebecca and her jaundiced ascertion about muslims.
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  • lofty: I love all ur post, we all speak well
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  • kingsley onyero: we will all blast dis exam amen
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  • Wealth: we must pass dis jamb dis year by God's grace
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  • Godwin Daniel: It is an instresting and motivating novel, which teaches every young teenage about life.
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  • destinyaugustine: what makes alayi to live with a person that will guide her life
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  • Peace: I love the novel sweet sixteen, it is so interesting i pray that our exam will be as interesting as it is especially English so we will make it in flying colours.
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  • Bekka: Who was Mr. Bello favourite musician
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  • divine: Mr Bello's favourite Musician Is Mulian Singer Ali farka toure
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  • Ruth Effiong: Wow i really lov this
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8 months ago
10 days to go through it thoroughly??
More like 3 to 5 hrs
  • Omo Jesu: The book sweet sixteen is a book that teaches how a child should live their life when they are growing up and when they have grown also teaches that if u work hard and struggle to suceed in life it is believe dat yhur children will not live a poor life just as u did....this book teaches moral behaviour,how to react,love,maturity, what is expected from a child,it exposes the right a child have...,and lots more....
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  • jawadsalisu: what are the questions
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  • musa abdullahi: although the book was published just because of exam but there are alot of lessons which the book contain that one can easy manage his life
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  • Peter david: Thanks
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  • Dom: The story talks about a young girl, who always see her self as someone who has grown up or become adult but despite all her thought and imagination, her Dad never submitt or admit to all she was saying and doing untill when she was sixteen, that was when the Dad seeing the rapid change in her life even academically and also the Dad played a vital role i.e the advice he has been giving to her and always making her to understand that she can make people change even when that person is not ready to change
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  • Omo Jesu: when i read further,apart from jamb...this book suppose to be read by every student because it teaches a lot of lessons...
    among all jamb novels,sweet sixteen is the best book i have ever read,it i7 understandable,meaningful and full of grammatical words......
    sweet sixteen shows how age are important...
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  • favourite: its a good story
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  • Michael: You guys should take note of the title of the chapters in order... I've got a code for you👌

    Letter- Lekan
    Drive - Did
    Work - What
    Gandhi Test - Grandma
    Dating - Didn't
    Stereotype- Say
    Beauty - Better...

    As for the"D", just have it in mind that "Drive" comes before "Dating".

    Good luck...wishing us all success in our upcoming exams.
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  • Emmy: I love that book so much
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  • Omo Jesu: There are 40 possible ques in the novel....dont be angry i will be shorting some words...
    now thes ar some with rare answers...
    1.who is d protagonist in the novel "sweet sixteen"
    2.what was in the box aliya's dad presented 2 her on her 16th bd.. many pages was the letter aliya's dad wrote to her when she turned 16
    4.what actually provided aliya's dad d opportunity he needed to start the conversation he all planned all along concerning aliya's menstruation..?
    5.aliya turned 12 in which class? Ans jss1
    6.what did u understand by a dumb girl according to the novel..
    7.who was aunty molara in the novel..
    8.who was kahil gibran according to the novel?
    9.which fan of the english football club was aliya's father? Ans chelsea
    10.what is the full meaning of HAK and KOTL ? Ans
    KOTL-Kiss on the lips
    HAK-hugs and kisses
    11.which subject did barely score a in? Ans chemistry...
    to be continued....
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  • Sulyman ABDULWASIU: What is the name of Aliya mother
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  • Omo Jesu: continuation...
    12.happy birthday to my first lady,remember GOD is greater than u..the above letter was written to aliya when she turned..? Ans 12yrs
    13.which day of the week aliya turned 16..? Ans tuesday
    14.what is stereotype.? Ans a bad notion or ideas
    15."the most beautiful garden is the one that have different colours" what is d message in d quote according to the passage?
    16.the kind of generalization according to the novel dat all muslims do not like jesus and they like to kill people is called? Ans stereotype
    17.nobody can hurt me without my permission the quote was ascribed to who in the passage..? Ans aliya
    18.what was the reason why aliya has suspected that her parent did not plan for her to be an only child?
    to be continued...
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  • Omo Jesu: 19.who was d one dat said "you can tell that what you are doing is good or bad if you want other pple to know about it or not"
    20.what's the name of d tallest building in d world from dubai? Ans-a crystar burj khalifa
    21.from who did india gain their independence?
    22.who was the prime minister after independence?
    23.where were the students caught havin s*x?
    24.why did aliya's daddy arrange the casual drive? which magazines aliya claimed to have heard about s*x.?
    26.what was aliya daddy name? Ans mr bello....
    I wish you guys all the best,we would excel....dont relent in prayers and study hard...if am opportuned again i will post d remainings..
    thanks #myschool
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  • Diamond Ekpo: pls
    since on 21 of january i register My jamb 2019,up till today hav not recieved an alert for a successful jamb registration..
    wht could b d course?
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  • luss2019: pray to god
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  • luss2019: Our God is able hold unto Him He will do it for you.
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  • Lanre15: thank u everybody may God bless you all.Pls wen will d summary be available.
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  • Owo Diligent Theophil: Tank u so much but u haven't mention d religion aspect of dis book, wat her friends or classmates of her thought of her religion
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  • millicent: two main characters in this novel,one representin d young adults d other parents,how can we c d role of aliyas dad in dis novel to so many nigerian parents in our society today?
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  • Tohymax: May God continue to bless everyone that want to help his or her neighbor for the upcoming Exam.
    So plz when will the summer available?
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  • evelyn: Hello my school team I just joined the team please any information?
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  • Tom: God will help us all
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  • Omo Jesu: amen
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  • Endurance: Mock is to hold on the 23rd march n reprinting of forms hs commenced
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  • Endurance: Mock is to hold on the 23rd march n reprinting of forms hs commenced @Evelyn
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  • Christian: Pls where can i reprint my form?🏃
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  • davidB: Hello friends
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  • manuel victoria: hello friends😄
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  • Cherrynelson: my jamb is done and dusted
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Diamond Ekpo
8 months ago
will myschool post sweet sixteen summary questions for us??
as a form of rivisional exercise bfor d actual exams..
8 months ago
I see SWEET SIXTEEN as a fiction, which teaches teenagers like Aliya about life. I would say the novel contains/features a girl (Aliya) who always tell her father that she is not a child but her father insists that she is a child and this resulted in calling Aliya Young Adult. Aliya is guided with her father through the life. At first, she didn't understand, but with time she came to understand that her was a man whose life can help her through her own destiny. And as for me admire her, and I will love to have a father like Aliya's
8 months ago
Plz,Anyone who has the soft copy or link to download the above novel should help me with it . thanks
  • Myschool: Why not just collect your hard copy when you registered. You've already paid for it.
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  • Ekundayo: The novel widely known as "sweet sixteen" represent the coming age of teenagers, (a girl so called Aliya)
    Aliya quickly got exposed to what should not be minded at her age,
    Fortunately, he have a brilliant and intelligent father named Mr. Bello (journalist and a worker under PUBLIC RELATIONS AGENCY)
    Mr. Bello enlightened Aliya about :
    1)s*x relationship
    2)gender education
    3)religion intolerance
    4)and not to revenge or retaliate rather than peacemakers.
    Aliya is a fast learner, she understood everything concerning what Mr. Bello's enlightments,l.
    therefore, she understood about being an adult
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  • Tonyvic: Nice composition.
    Mr. Ekundayo
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  • Peterize: I have two hard copies and also a soft copy
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  • BlessingUgochi: pls av registered for jamb but av not receive any message shld I check my email
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8 months ago
Please let someone clarify me. The pages in sweet sixteen is 53, so why the 157
8 months ago
The pages are not 157, they 53 pages
8 months ago
What's happening? My own SWEET SIXTEEN consists of 53pages only. And you people are mentioning 157pages.
  • KING ASA: Its actually the same thing. Only difference is, the texts are more smaller and compressed with no pictures in the new one. I think for portability and comfortability, anywhere and anytime. But i still prefer the one of '157'; there are pictures for smooth reading and remembrance of points and moments. Its still fun though sha, enjoy.
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Martina Mensah
8 months ago
The most intresting part of this novel is the relationship Aliya has with her father.
Like they can talk about anything at all....Even the s*x talk...Wow,Everyone should have a father like Mr.Bello....Will revision questions come from the novel?please so one can study and find answering the question in jamb pretty easy.?
Thanks my school.You guys rock.
8 months ago
So we got information that the original version of the novel contains 157 pages, where are the "JAMB Version", most likely a summarized version of the original on contains only 53 pages. Since we are working with the JAMB version, we have now updated the information accordingly. Thanks for your input everyone.
  • Diamond Ekpo: thanks
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  • ImiNathy: well, the entire story serves as an eye opener to teenagers upon s*xual education and guide to becoming of age Teenagers in terms of association, career path, and life thereafter....
    in as much as it serves as an eye opener to teenagers, it is also of significant importance to Parents, Young couples and Adults in terms of responsible parenthood, maintaining good relationship with their children. it can be infuse from the story that Mr. Bello closeness with Aliyah wasn't just that of a father but they are more like friends 👭👬👫 , and Mr. Bello isn't just too formal with Aliya unlike some parents (Best way to win a daughter's heart isn't it? )
    Mr. Bello is just the kind of father in me, Studious, always taking leaves from other relevant writers page on Parental life in general.... the ending part forced out hot tears off my eye 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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  • wilmseve: The ending part was really touching😊
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  • augustine aja: GENTLEMAN YOU HAVE NOT PAID
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  • augustine aja: GENTLEMAN, YOU HAVE NOT PAID!!!!
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  • yvngallen: wow i love the story so much, especially the closeness of aliya and her father
    Mr. Bello was a very wise man and he taught his daughter the right way of life
    the story is a clear and good message for all teenagers
    we can't do something because others are doing it, what matters the most is that what you are doing is it wrong or right?

    The ending part is the most interesting part in the story.
    It really touched my soul 😣😣


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8 months ago
is the sweet sixteen interesting😀😀😃😃
Aghe Promise
8 months ago
New here...
Will #MySchool post the entire details of "Sweet Sixteen"?
8 months ago
The real pages is 53 and not 157, don't get confused
Alex Scott
8 months ago
of course
8 months ago
who predict '' a day is coming that technologywould surpass human interaction and the world would have a generation of dumb person,''

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