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Brain Teaser!!!

Are you a genius? Then tell us in the comment section, how this kids got up here. 

Brain Teaser!!!

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Comments (8)

8 months ago
It is a automated control chair. A system controller that works like an elevated system. It is possible to bring down the chairs also.
  • Harrahphlekhz: They are all lying on the floor with the tables and chairs. Tilt phone to the right to get the picture. There are erect tables at the back
    Like 1    Dislike 0   8 months ago
8 months ago
They got up there by the power of imagination
8 months ago
There's nothing wrong with the pics.. It's just rotated... Try to rotate ur phone then you see the correct nd clear picture
8 months ago
The students are lying on the floor with their right arm.
josh vicky
8 months ago
they are all lying on the floor
8 months ago
they are lying on d floor
7 months ago
The students are lying on the floor with their right arm.

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