Trade Unionism and Its Influence on Management Policies Implementation (Case Study of Life Breweries plc Onitsha)

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This research however carried out in order to determine how trade unionism influences the management policies of life breweries plc. Onitsha.
The outstanding objective of this study, therefore, was as follows:
1.To determine what actually may lead to employees grievances in a work situation
2.To dictate and identify the possible management policies that are commonly influenced by trade unions activities
3.To determine the effects of trade unionism on the implementation of the policies.
4.To determine the relationships that exist between the trade union and management of the brewery.
5.To determine the possible ways of preventing the conflicts that may arise in the organization, particularly, work situation and possible ways of promoting industrial peace and harmony in the brewery and the notion at large.
This research methodology used and adopted in this research was clearly descriptive, having questionnaires as tools. A total number of four hundred workers of the organization life breweries plc, Onitsha were used for the study, data collected in frequency and percentage forms; coupled with a sound testing of hypothesis and summary of results.
Finally, the discussion of these findings, implications of the research findings, possible recommendations, suggestions for further research, and conclusion made by the research on this work are included in the subsequent chapters.
Table of Content:
Title page
Approval page
Table of contents
List of tables
List of figure

1.1Background of the study
1.2Statement of the problem
1.3Purpose of the study
1.4Scope of the study
1.5Research questions
1.6Research hypothesis
1.7Significant of the study
1.8Limitations of the study
1.9Definition of important terms

Review of related literature
2.1Literature Review
2.2Origin and growth of trade unionism in Nigeria
2.3Activities of trade union
2.4Functions of trade union
2.5Weapons used by employees
2.6Employees grievances
2.7Collective bargaining
2.8Relevant management policies
2.9Formulation and implementation of the policies

Research Design and Methodology
3.1Research Design
3.2Area of the study
3.3Population of the study
3.4Sample and sampling procedure/techniques
3.5Instrument for data collection
3.6Validation of the instrument
3.7Reliability of the instrument
3.8Method of data collection
3.9Method of data analysis

Data presentation and analysis
4.1Presentation and analysis of data
4.2Testing of hypothesis
4.3Summary of result

Discussion, recommendation, and conclusion
5.1Discussion of results/findings
5.3Implications of the research findings
5.5Suggestions for further research
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