The Making Of A First Class Student

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Faculty Education
Course Educational / Psychology, Guidance and Counseling
Price ₦1,000
Key Features:
- No of Pages: 72
- No of Chapters: 8
- For every student determined to make a first class
Table of Content:
Introduction ------------------------------------------------- 6
Chapter 1 – Starting Off On The Right Foot ----------- 9
Chapter 2 –Ground Rules --------------------------------- 17
Chapter 3 –What’s On My Schedule Today? ---------- 26
Chapter 4 – Cracking the Codes ------------------------- 31
Chapter 5 – Go The Extra Mile -------------------------- 39
Chapter 6 – Making It Stick ------------------------------ 45
Chapter 7 – Finishing Off With Flying Colours ------- 51
Chapter 8 –Bonus ------------------------------------------ 64
Glossary Of Important Terms -------------------------- 73
A first-class student is simply one who excels in scholastic or academic activities. You will hardly find a student who wouldn’t want to earn such status.

However, many students have been made to believe that achieving such status is for the few who are highly gifted. No! I beg to differ. First-class students are not necessarily gifted. The major difference between them and other students is what they do that other students don’t do.

If you are among those who believed that becoming a first-class student is for a specific few who are exceptionally gifted, you’ve been wrong all this while. Anyone can achieve that feat. Yes! That’s correct. Anyone! It all depends on how hungry you are for it and knowing HOW to make it happen.

Are you already in a higher institution (University, Polytechnic, College of Education, etc.) or aspiring to secure admission into one? Do you desire to be a first-class student or graduate with the best that your school has to offer?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you are the reason for this book.

This is one book that is specifically written for students in any of the tertiary institutions in Nigeria. I call it the A-Z of academic excellence in Nigerian tertiary institutions.

It will show you in simple, straight-to- the- point and clear details what it takes to be a first-class student and graduate top of your class in any tertiary institution in Nigeria.

In this book, you will discover;
 How to develop the attitude and motivation that propel first-class students.
 The academic pitfalls that limit many students and how you can conquer them.
 The specific habits that differentiate first-class students.
 How to get along with difficult lecturers and still ace their courses.
 How to set your priorities right, avoid distractions, conquer procrastination and manage your time effectively.
 How to identify your best study time and environment in order to make learning more interesting and less boring.
 Proven, smart and effective reading/study skills that will help boost your GPA.
 Powerful memory techniques and how you can use them to remember what you’ve read easily.
 Genuine way to predict possible examination questions.

It equally contains steps to effectively prepare for an examination, take an examination, calculate your Grade Point Average (GPA), write a standard Industrial training report, and carry out your final year project work successfully.

In addition, there’s a list of over 40 important words and meanings every new student in a higher institution should know.
That’s not all. But I won’t be able to point out here, all you stand to learn, discover and benefit from this book as a student. You just need to get this book for yourself to unravel the academic treasures and nuggets it contains.

Regardless of the course you are studying or intend to study, I promise you, this book will be one of the best guides on achieving academic excellence that you’ve ever come across.

I recommend this book for every student in a higher institution of learning in Nigeria, more especially, those in their first year of study.
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