The Contribution Of Personnel Management Towards The Achievement Of Organization Goals (A case Study Of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation)

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The focus of this research is on the contribution personnel management can make towards the achievement of organization goals. Personnel management is a branch of management that is concerned with recruitment, deployment, control and welfare of the staff of the organization. It has to do with the promotion or dismissal of staff.

The point therefore, is that values does this branch of management plays to help the organization to achieve its set goals or objectives. Some people argue that with or without personnel management, the business organizations can still achieve their objectives. According to Okorie Chukwu who wrote in the business time of February 9; 2006, stated that such practices as personnel management studies seen to be merely academic exercise as good interpersonal relationship in organization is imbued by nature and could be acquired by training

He went further to cite and example by saying that such successful business, as Onwuka Interbizy the makers of pocket nails, sprang up and have been sustained by their illiterate owner who neither went to school nor read any personnel management anywhere. The implication of the above argument is that personnel management is unnecessary in business organizations since they can still succeed without it, in other words, personnel management has nothing to contribute to the efficient running of business organizations in order to achieve their organization goals.

On the other hand Ibekwe (2002) says that since management itself mean working with and through people, it is necessary to understand the word efficient way to work with and through the entire staff, this shows that personnel management has something to contribute to the good management of organizations for the achievement of their broad goals. It is therefore, the position of this research to resolve the above conflict. The research should ascertain whether or not the personnel management has any role to play in the achievement of the organization goals. It will determine in what ways, if any, it has to make those contributions.

If personnel management has no contributions to make the research will ascertain why, despite its in effectiveness, it is widely employed in many modern business organizations.


It is true that many business organization have some how succeeded without their owners acquiring the formal knowledge of the subject personnel management. But it is equally true that many of these organizations could have recorded more success if scientific personnel management was applied in them. The efficiency of such organization would have trained or at least doubled in the presence of personnel management.

Problems remains that we need to ascertain the exact roles personnel management plays to help these originations achieve their objectives. There is the need to determine the serious way it can contribute towards organizations efficiency. The problem statements therefore are

Does personnel management contribute anything to the achievement of organizational goals?

What are the ways it can make these contributions?

Does good personnel management improve productivity?

Can efficient personnel management change worker attitude to work?
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