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Statistical Analysis On Motor Accident In Oyo State {A Case Study Of Federal Road Safety Commission, Eleyele Ibadan Oyo State. From 2002-2011}

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Course Statistics
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The statistical analysis of motor accidents fatal and minor accidents with particular reference to Federal Road Safety Commission Eleyele Ibadan Oyo state for the period of (2002-2011) is reviewed in this project.
The statistical tools used in this research work are as follows: Regression analysis, Correlation analysis, Student –t distribution or comparative test and graph.
From the result, the regression model of fatal accident and time is y = -112.7 + 157.2{x}, The test for linearity of regression equation shows that there is linear relationship between fatal accidents and time. The regression model of minor accident and time is y = 31.2 + 20.5{x}. The test for linearity of regression equation shows there is no linear relationship between minor accidents and time. The correlation analysis of minor accident and time r = 0.58 shows that there is a strong positive relationship between the minor accident and time. From the comparative test, it can be said that there is a significant different between the mean of fatal and minor accident.
In conclusion, from this study, it is observed that the incidence of, road accident in Oyo state is on the increase. Therefore, there is need to view road traffic accident as an issue that needs urgent attention aimed at reducing the health, social and economic impacts. 'Safe road' in Nigeria is more of changing our driving behavior than just blaming the government alone and advocating for good road infrastructure.
Table of Content:
Title page
Title page i
Certification ii
Dedication iii
Acknowledgment iv-v
Abstract vi
1.0 Introduction 1
1.1 Causes of motor accident 3
1.2 Background to the study 8
1.3 Historical perspective of frsc 8
1.4 Significance of the study 10
1.5 Scope and coverage of the study 11
1.6 Definition of the terms used 11
1.7 Aim and objective 12
2.0 Literature review 13
2.1 Causes of road accident 12
3.0 Research methodology 19
3.1 Types and sources of data 19
3.1.1. Sources of primary data 19
3.1.2 Uses of primary data 20
3.1.3 Sources of secondary data 20
3.1.4 Uses of secondary data 21
3.2. Method of data collection 21
3.3 Problem of data collection 22
3.4 Review of analysis tools 24-32
4.0 Presentation and analysis of data 33
4.1 Presentation of data 33
4.2 Regression analysis between fatal accidents and time 33
4.2.1 Test for linearity between fatal accidents and time 35
4.3 Regression analysis between minor accident and time 37
4.3.1 Test for linearity between fatal accidents and time 39
4.4 Correlation between fatal accident and time 41
4.5 Correlation analysis between minor accident and time 44
4.6 Data analysis using spss 48-51
4.7 Forecast for fatal accident 52
4.8 Forecast for minor accident 53
5.0 Summary of findings, Recommendation and Conclusion 54-55
5.1 Recommendation 55
5.2. Conclusion 56
Bibliography 57
Transportation is a means of moving goods and people from one place to another. In marketing, it involves the movement of goods from one place of production to the place of consumption. Goods can be moved from the factories to the wholesalers and to the retailers where the consumers come to buy them. It is also possible to move goods from the retailers shops to the consumers or from the wholesalers to the consumers and in some cases from the producers direct to the consumers.

This research will be emphasized on road transportation under which motor accidents falls (Fatal and Minor accident). Motor accident is one of the rapid accidents in transportation, which mostly results in loss of life.
Though the statistics records shown that Nigeria is one of the countries in the world with the highest rate of motor accidents. The federal government has been making frantic effort to minimize its importance and if possible eradicate its occurrence by introducing Federal road safety corps, assess and reduce the frequency of motor accident on our roads most especially in Oyo state which is the case study of this research work.
Despite the effort of Federal road safety corps to ensure safety on our roads to obey rules and regulations on how to make use of traffic signs and symbols, making sure that vehicle are tested to ensure road worthy before playing the roads and highways, from empirical research we shall find out that accident still occur on our road and if this situation is not properly arrested in time. Nigeria will continue to lose economically, politically and otherwise.
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