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Quality Assessment of Drinking Water Sources (Study of Olowotedo Community, Ogun State)

Type Project Topics
Faculty Engineering, Environment & Technology
Course Civil Engineering
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The study aimed to assess the quality of drinking water in Olowotedo community of Ogun State, Nigeria. Five samples were taken from different sources (wells, borehole, tap and sachet water) were analyzed, Selection of water samples was carried out using proportionate allocation, equal allocation, simple random sampling and systematic sampling methods depending on the stage. The water quality parameters examined and their results for all the five water samples were; colour having 0.0TCU, taste and odour were absent, temperature was 24.7oC, 26.2oC, 25.6oC, 25.5oC and 25.7oC respectively, turbidity was 0.0NTu, sulphate was 0.0ppm, Ph was 7.42, 7.24, 7.75, 8.15 and 8.55 respectively, hardness was >150ppm, nitrate was >10mg/L, >10mg/L, >3.4mg/L, >1.94mg/L and >1.0mg/L respectively, iron was 1.65mg/L, 0.25mg/L, 1.5mg/L, 1.85mg/L and 1.7mg/L respectively, chloride was 62ppm, 15ppm, 50ppm, 60ppm and 65ppm respectively, resistivity was-1 , conductivity was 246, 223, 362, 400 and 400 respectively, salinity was 400, TDS was 144.8mg/L, 142.4/L, 219mg/L, 116.7mg/L and 114.8mg/L respectively, coliform and E-coli were only present in one of the five samples.

Finally, there is an urgent need to improve the quality of drinking water in Olowotedo town coupled with mass health education to the community.
Table of Content:
Title page i

Declaration ii

Certification iii

Acknowledgement iv Abstract v

Table of Content vi

List of Figures viii

List of Tables ix

List of Plates x

Acronyms xi


1.1 Background 1

1.2 Problem Statement 5

1.3 Significance for the Study 6

1.4 Aim and Objectives 6

1.5 Limitation 7


2.1 Sources of Water Supply 8

2.2 Properties of Water 9

2.3 Quality of Drinking Water and Drinking Water Quality Guideline 9

2.4 Water Pollution / Contamination 14

2.5 Water Treatment 16


3.1 Study Area 18

3.2 Study Design 20

3.3 Study Population 20

3.4 Sample Size Determination 20

3.5 Procedure 23

3.5.1 PH 23

3.5.2 Turbidity 24

3.5.3 Color 24

3.5.4 Total dissolved solids 24

3.5.5 Chlorides 24

3.5.6 Residual chlorine 25

3.5.7 Nitrates/Nitrite 25

3.5.8 Fluorides 26

3.5.9 Iron 26

3.5.10 Faecal coliform and Total coliform counts 26

3.6 Data Analysis 26


4.1 Background 28

4.2 Laboratory Analysis of quality Drinking water 28

4.2.1 Laboratory Analysis of Physical Quality of Water 34

4.2.2 Laboratory Analysis of chemical quality of water 36

4.2.3 Laboratory Analysis of Bacteriological Quality of Water 38

4.3. Comparison of quality of water of differences sources 38

4.4 Discussion 41


5.2 Conclusion 44

5.3 Recommendations 44


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