Marital Divorce and Family Development

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Table of Content

- Definition of Terms

- Brief Literature Review

- Theoretical framework

- Positive effects of marital divorce and family development

- Negative effect of marital divorce and family development.

- Possible Solution

- Conclusion

- References


Marriage partners have regular, guilt free intimacy and provide emotional support and intimacy to each other. Their marriage is recognized by the law as well as the society and both of them have clearly defined rights and obligations. Marriage also creates a warm and secure home where children can be raised into mature and emotionally healthy adults.

Despites all the formidable benefits that marriage provides, it is also a fact of life that marital divorce rate has reached astronomical proportion. In the world we live in especially in Nigeria, it seems that marriage has become disposable and if you are not happy with it, one will be free. It seems as “social engineer” there is nothing we can do against this “social evil” that tears families apart without any resistance.

Many counselors and pastors also accept divorce as a solution to marital problems. We live in a disposable society where marriages are thrown away in the same fashion one would toss an old pair of shoes. We are looking for a quick fix, something that can satisfy our needs and if those needs are not satisfied, some feel it is easier to toss the spouse and move on to the next relationship. If the marriage becomes hard and requires a little attention and work, it is easier for some to discard the marriage than to hunker down, roll their sleeves up and go to work. Which simply mean that divorce is more socially acceptable to more people now. God said in his word that he hates divorce and marital separation (Malachi 2:16; Genesis 2:24).

Therefore, the subject of marital divorce as a social issues and how it affect development is an important research topic in sociology. At the end of this presentation, we shall arrived at the relationship between marital divorce and development. In words, the functional and dysfunctional effects of marital divorce to family development in our present societies and finally the possible solution to this “social evil” that has eaten deep into the society.
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