Human Resource Development As A Tool For Effective Performance In Public Enterprises (A Case Study Of Benin Electricity Distribution Companies, Benin City, Edo State)

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Table of Content


1.1 Background to the study

1.2 Statement of the problem

1.3 Objectives of the study

1.4 Research Questions

1.5 Statement of the Hypothesis

1.6 Scope of the Study

1.7 Significance of the Study

1.8 Limitation of the Study

1.9 Operational Definition of Terms


2.1 Introduction

2.2 Management Development process

2.3 Human Resource Development Philosophy

2.4 Human Resource Development and Utilization

2.5 Organizational Career Development

2.6 Component of Career Development

2.7 Training and Development

2.8 Effect of Training and Human Development

2.9 Development of Organization Human resources

2.10 Reasons for Human Resource development Needs

2.11 Significance of Human Resource Development

2.12. Summary of the Research


3.1 Introduction

3.2 Research Design

3.3 Population of the Study

3.4 Sample of the Study

3.5 Sampling Techniques /Procedure

3.6 Method of Data Collection

3.7 Method of Data Analysis


4.1 Introduction

4.2 Data presentation and Interpretation

4.3 Data Analysis and Hypothesis Testing

4.4 Discussion of Findings


5.1 Introduction

5.2 Summary of Findings

5.3 Conclusion

5.4 Recommendations




Background to the Study

This study is an enquiry into the training and development of employee and their impact on performance in the public enterprise with special effective to the Benin Electricity Distribution Company, Benin City, Edo State. Human Resource development is a requirement of modern economic system, a process imposed on all organization as a result of change in technology, social environment competition and organizational development.

Ojo (2005). The term “public” involves everybody, people oriented as distinctly opposed to private public could also mean government. This is accepted because govern also mean government. This is accepted because government is the only organization that everyone belongs in one way or the other. The role of public enterprise should be consistent to the economic objectives of the nation and also to harness the resources of the nation and promote national properly.

Adeneolakin (1986) identified specific objective for setting up public enterprise like. B.E.D.C to include electricity, generation, transmission, distribution and generate needed, revenue, in addition to the national capital input for development and welfare programme human resources development is targeted towards enhancing productivity and improving workers efficiency and effectiveness.

Increase in productivity is the board objective and goal of HRD. The Benin Electricity Distribution Company formally the power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) is an organization governing the use of electricity in Nigeria. The company runs a football team, PHCN Lagos it represent Nigeria in the West African poll.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

This research work tends to find out to what extent the public enterprise BEDC has precisely embraced the training concept through an in-depth analysis of its training and human resources development activities. The work force are not technically skillful and include and also that there are signs of dissatisfaction among and within the senior staff of the company. As a result of insufficient training opportunities open to them compared to their junior counterpart.

The problem therefore is to ascertain how BEDC employees perceive human resources development and what type of human resource development technique is available and how they are evaluated on such programmes in their job performance.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The objectives of the study are stated as follows:

• To review human resources development for effective performance in BEDC.

• To determine the productivity of highly developed employees and the productivity of the under development employees.

• To identify and analysis the problems associated with human effective the employee performs after training.

• The research work will also measure the perception of the employee as the effect of human resource development on the job performance satisfaction and evolution
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