Every believer has the God-Kind of faith

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There is a difference between faith and believe. many ends in believe and thats why nothing works. Faith is believing in God word and acting the work you believe. so there are what to do to make our faith to work.

Table of Content

1. Every believer has faith

2. mountain moving faith

3. The works of faith

4. Commanding signs through sounds

5. In the Name of Jesus

6.Faith boosters.


Every believer has the God-kind of faith,

what we don’t have, is the God-kind of

work that makes the God-kind of faith to

work. This book is an enlightenment

program to help believers grow in faith

and move forward to a greater level of

their spirituality. And so, it highlights the

needs and importance of works, the works

of faith. what they are,how to engaged and

when to engaged them.

For faith without work is dead (James 2:26)

Your inability to move mountain is not as a

result of your little faith as every great

product is not measure by the quantity but

by the quality.

The purpose of this book is to show

believers how powerful we are, how

effective our words can be and how we

can move any mountain by our little faith.

Many Christians lament on their lack of

faith. Every believer has the God-kind of

faith is an eye opener to help every

believer enjoy the good things of life as

God has design from creation.
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