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An Evaluative Study Of Library And Information Services To Children In Plateau State Public Library

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This study was conducted in order to evaluate the effectiveness of library and information services to children in Plateau State Public Library. The purpose of the study is to identify the role of public library system at Plateau State Public Library to the community as a whole, to evaluate the effectiveness of public library services to Children and young at Plateau State Public library and to identify the factors affecting the provision of services at Plateau State Public Library among others. Survey research design was used in the course of this study. Questionnaire and observation was used as the instrument for collecting data. Data was collected from the entire staff of the Plateau State Library Board which were 42 in number. The data was analyzed using frequency counts and percentages. The Data are presented in Tables according to the order of research questions. The findings revealed that the services provided at the children section in Plateau State public library is far behind adequacy. It also revealed that there are several problems counterfeiting the services provided in the Library which include: Lack of trained personnel with necessary knowledge of the group; inadequacy of information technology facilities; inadequate fund; inadequacy of necessary resources and low level of infrastructural facilities available among others. It was concluded that library services are of paramount importance to the success of the goals of children literacy education and that there should be continuous assessment and upgrading of services provided to children at different levels of development so as to improve the image of the nation. The following recommendations were made which include provision of adequate financial support by the management; proper staff development program through training and retraining within and outside the library.
Table of Content:
Title Page i
Certification ii
Declaration iii
Dedication iv
Acknowledgement v
Abstract vi
Table of content vii
1.1 Background of the Study 1
1.1.1 Development of Public Libraries in Plateau State 1
1.2 Statement of the Problem 5
1.3 Objectives of the Study 6
1.4 Research Questions 6
1.5 Significance of the Study 7
1.6 Scope of the Study 7
1.7 Operational Definition of Terms 7
2.1 Introduction 9
22 The Need for Public Library Services in Plateau State, Nigeria 9
2.3 Roles of Public Library to the Community/Children 10
2.4 Problems Affecting Public Library Service Provision for
Community/Children in Nigeria 12
2.5 Theoretical/Conceptual Framework 16
3.1 Introduction 19
3.2 Research Design 19
3.3 Population of the Study 20
3.4 Sampling Procedures and Sample Size 20
3.5 Data Collection instrument 20
3.6 Validity of the Instrument 20
3.7 Data Collection Procedures 21
3.8 Method of Data Analysis 21
4.1 Introduction 22
4.2 Response Rate 22
4.3 Discussions of the Findings 31
5.1 Summary 32
5.2 Conclusion 32
5.3 Recommendations 33
References 34
Letter of Introduction
Libraries are repositories of information and knowledge. Islam (2004) Stated that the library is a learning institution which is being stored with knowledge treasures, which is well maintained and organized by a well-trained personnel or a professional to administer the education to the children, and other people in the society continually and to assist them to self-improve themselves with effective and proper distribution of information with its adequate resource. Libraries are distinguished into various forms in order to make available their information resources or to reach-out their services for the user’s satisfaction.
The public library is a type of library that serves the entire public. According to the Wikipedia (2013) Public library is a type of library which in order words can be accessed by the entire public which is being funded through public resources. Its operators are called Liberians and paraprofessionals. UNESCO (2004) made known the definition of public library as the information center used by the locals, which all types of information and knowledge are made available for the users. Akanwa (2010) stated that public library is a type of library equipped with resources known as information, and to render its services to every citizen of the country which consist of all age group, both educated and non-educated. Aina (2004) Learned that some libraries are restricted to serve a specific purpose to some group of people, but the public libraries do not have such restriction to users of any kind. Its expectation is to serve every citizen in the country without discrimination and age differences. Parvathamma and Reddy (2009) ascribed that public libraries are known for the improvement of literacy with all kinds of information through educational resources being made available.
In every public library, there is a space or section mapped out as the children section. In this section of the library, children are served with library resources and programmes that correspond with their ages. Akanwa (2006) defined the children library of the public library as that which is made available books, activities and information resources without charges of any kind to the children at all age bracket. The public library does not only provide information and library services but also a Liberian that supervises and serves as a guardian to the children in the library. Pearl, (2013). Children in this study refer to individuals of 3 years to 16 years. According to the World Book Encyclopedia (2012) a child that is below 3 years of age is an infant and cannot take part in any group activity nor will he or she be able to use the library, while a child of 17 years can either make use of the model school library in the public library, and where there is none, can move straight into the adult library.
The public library through its collections supports children information needs and contributes to their intellectual, emotional, social, and educational and language development. Akanwa (2012) indicated that the public library also make available information resources which include books and non-books materials to support and aid the lives of the children and to expose them to a wider range of endless opportunity to learn and update them on the recent developments. Akanwa (2012) further noted that of all the services provided for children by the public library, this is the most important, and the child has the books to read for information and recreation and the audio visual materials to view too. The following information materials are expected to be found in the children’s library: books, journals, computers, recordings of all types of study, magazines, newspapers, filmstrips, video tapes, slides etc. furthermore, Akanwa (2010) stressed that the public library provides varieties of services to children and these services are in form of literatures (books), extension activities (programmes), audio visuals resources and information communication technology (ICT). She further stated that books are crucial materials to children so therefore the public library should make available quality literature for the children. Books are open magic windows of opportunity for every child. Akanwa (2013) affirms that the education, the enlightenment and entertainment provided by the public library is meant to be enjoyed by children of every locality. It serves as an institution that makes available information materials and renders services to people of different kind from the days of their youth till they are aged. Pearl (2013) specifically pointed out that the library is indeed the cultural Centre of a child, therefore, the public library should make available records of best man creation and thoughts from all historic periods and also the contributions and developments in music, arts, literature and ideas He has held about himself, in his concept of the universe, in his beliefs about religion and the mortality of man.
The introduction of ICT skills is one of the major or functions of the public library to children, as they need ICT skills to be able to function properly in the modern society. Alabi (2013) says that the children should be encouraged to acquire these skills at very tender ages, so that they will not develop phobia for this new technology. The children’s section of public library should organize programmes such as technology training classes, where they teach issues such as computer fundamentals, operating systems, e-reader and searching the Internet. These programmes will help the child to get a good gasp of the new technology and use it to solve their information problems.
According to Walter (2003) the services being rendered to the children by public library has been dated to over a century ago. It was still created despite of the opposition and lack of interest of most of the influential Liberians as of that time.
However, from the above sentences, there is no doubt that literature or books are very necessary in children’s life for adequate development and this is why it is important for government to establish public libraries so that children will benefit from their services.
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