The Influence Of Personal Selling In Consumer Behaviour Of GSM Product

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This seminar work was designed to investigate the influence of personal selling on consumer buying behaviour of GSM product, using Glob recharge cards as a reference point. Data was gathered form books and through the questionnaires administered to some of the sellers and some consumers of GSM products to enable the researcher obtain the perception towards personal selling. The study reveals that personal selling is important where there are many competitors and when buyers are price sensitive about a company product. Personal selling influences their buying behaviour greatly, the study recommends that apart from adequately motivating the buyer through necessary attention, there is also the need to always gain confidence of cooperation of distributors, dealers, middle men in the various outfits, since their support is very important in achieving good result


This project is designed to illustrate the application and the usefulness of personal selling in the marketing of GSM product business is said not to be successful until the product get to the final consumer however one cannot use a product [until he or she get the knowledge of the product, that means awareness, these comes through effective communication can take place in the form of personal selling.

Personal selling refers to the use of speech and personal conviction (face to face) to bring about some action on the part of another. It is extremely effective but expensive form of promotion.

They are such a big part of our daily lives that is highly likely you have a mobile phone in your pocket if you don’t it is probably because you left it somewhere accidentally (Aldridge 2004).

Along with the increase of cell phone wage, the world wild competition for the cell phone market has been extremely intensified and should never be underestimated. In Nigeria today there already too many dealers of cell phone, it is also not easy to attain the goal if the price of the product is higher than the price of the substitute that is why many people buy GSMB product of China models because its price is very low compared to its substitute.

Due to the harsh economic relatives in the country, consumers have given deaf ears to advertisement; one of the new marketing approaches has been personal selling. For a company in the GSM industry to adhere to its aim of profit maximization and increase market share that the consumers buy more of its product despite the competition the product is facing in market. Consumer habit does not have negative effect on personal selling.

The objectives set for personal selling varies with the types of target market, the objectives include;

• Encouraging more usage and purchase of large size unit.

• Building trial among non-users.

• Attracting competitors brand users.

This project is therefore aimed at finding out the influence of personal selling on consumer buying behaviour of GSM product of Glo recharge cards.

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