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Point out the odd item:

Point out the odd item:
  • A. Raisin in the sun
  • B. Twelfth Night
  • C. Ozidi
  • D. The Concubine
  • E. Romeo and Juliet
Correct Answer: Option D
A Raisin in the Sun is a play by Lorraine Hansberry that debuted on Broadway in 1959. The title comes from the poem "Harlem by Langston Hughes

Twelfth Night is a comedy by William Shakespeare

Ozidi is a folk hero among the Ijo of Nigeria, and the subject of The Ozidi Saga composed by playwright and poet John Pepper Clark.

The Concubine is the debut novel by Nigerian writer Elechi Amadi

Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare

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Contributions (10)

5 years ago
Corect coz odas ar books authored by non afrcains bt concubine by an africn writer
  • Ken Kambiri: Hmmm, Are You Sure Dat D Is The Correct Answer.?.....

    Now Listen, OZIDI Was Also Written By Am African (An MBANO Man)

    So The Correct Answer Is "A" BeKuS The Rising Sun Is The Only Poem In That List.... #KnowYouKnow
    Like 0    Dislike 0   4 years ago
4 years ago
The answer is option - D
2 years ago
Really Confusing.... The CONCUBINE was written by AN AFRICAN MAN,ELECHI AMADI... OZIDI was written by an AFRICAN MAN,J.P CLARK.... They are all PLAYS, EXCEPT A RAISIN IN THE SUN which is a POEM....... #Please if am Wrong,Correct me. For Now,#ADMINS should do something.
beauty Gift
2 years ago
A raisin in d sun is also a play written by a non african woman
beauty Gift
2 years ago
so am suggesting dat d concubine is a prose why the others are plays
4 years ago
maybe one is a prose and the others are plays

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