Choose the option that best conveys the meaning of the underlined portion in the following...

Choose the option that best conveys the meaning of the underlined portion in the following sentence;

The leader in today's issue of our popular newspaper focuses on inflation

  • A. president
  • B. headline
  • C. editorial
  • D. columnist
  • E. proprietor
Correct Answer: Option C

 A leader in a newspaper is a piece of writing which gives the editor's opinion on an important news item.

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Muhammad jay
2 years ago
I thought the answer is B but now i have learnt the correct answer
Adeys Adex
5 years ago
Whn I see de word "leader" nd de options I was a little confused,bt whn I read it very well I pick 2 options "headlines nd Editorials,bt I actually go for editorial cos they re de one incharge of every information abt the society,before the news re out,the editors "ve know abt it all.
4 years ago
was soo sure it was headline o
Yusuf Halima
4 years ago
thnks for the clerification..Editorial ...nt headline
7 years ago
Why not editor instead? Editorial is an adjective, while leader is a noun.
7 years ago
Yez, is z Editorial
7 years ago
Yap it iz editorial.
7 years ago
I thought it was headline.Now I know better,thanks.
D ans is (c) editorial bcause it is part of a newspaper written by d editor giving an opinion on some question of d day.
It is editorial,cause they are d one dat put,tins into order.While headlines is more unless a subordinate 2 editorial.
6 years ago
Let's see it from dis aspect, headline is part of d editorial's job. Without editorial dey can't b headline, so Editorial is very correct
Jude Alex
5 years ago
Such questions attracts de word HEADLINES......
komolafe mary
4 years ago
I tot it headline,BT nw I get d ryt ansa tnx for d clearification
1 year ago
leader meaning:
1. a leading article in a newspaper.
2. a short strip of non-functioning
material at each end of a reel of film or recording tape for connection to the spool.
3. a shoot of a plant at the apex of a stem or main branch.
4. a series of dots or dashes across
the page to guide the eye, especially in tabulated material.

The option C is correct
8-) 8-)
7 years ago
Itz an ironical 2rth as d leader yea repreznts d body wch places sch directnz referin 2 d editorial body

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