Choose the option that best conveys the meaning of the underlined portion in the following...

Choose the option that best conveys the meaning of the underlined portion in the following sentence;

He spoke with his heart in his mouth

  • A. courageously
  • B. with such unusual cowardice
  • C. with a lot of confusion in his speech
  • D. without being able to make up his mind
  • E. with fright and agitation
Correct Answer: Option E

 Heart is in his/her mouth; If someone's heart is in their mouth, they are feeling extremely nervous
feeling of being anxious and worried.

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Contributions (125)

7 years ago
to have one's heart in one's mouth is an idiomatic expression it shortly means to be 'afraid', dat's option E
7 years ago
Yeah,heart in one's mouth means:Lack of confidence or courage or to be scared or nervous.
capital E.. I felt my heart in my mouth the day i caame in contact wit thives
4 years ago
3 years ago
ya e
Olaogun segun
6 years ago
I lik dis seriously
Munzali rabiu
4 years ago
E is the correct answer
6 years ago
I like d way everyone contribute is quit exceeding d ans is E
3 years ago
d correct answer is e
6 years ago
So so frightened
i love dis site
Adeys Adex
5 years ago
Option E is the correct ans,cos speaking with ur heart in ur mouth means u re very scared of what u re abt to say or wat u wanna say is nt the truth dats why u re agitating in ur statement
4 years ago
7 years ago
yea...E is correct....dat mean for one to be scared nd frightened
1 month ago
My answer was E and when I submitted they failed it for me and they said the correct answer was E which was my exact answer

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