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When elasticity is zero, the demand curve is

When elasticity is zero, the demand curve is
  • A. Perfectly elastic
  • B. Perfectly inelastic
  • C. Concave
  • D. Downward slopping
  • E. Circular
Correct Answer: Option B
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Contributions (64)

5 years ago
B- when a change in price has no effect on whatsoever the quatity of goods demanded. It elasticity is 0
6 years ago
The demand curve will be downward slopping.
  • Roland Osaji: A demand curve can only sloop dwnward wen ther z a change in qty demanded of any product as a result of.....,not wen de elasticity of a commodty z zero. Pls fall back to ur textbk 4 more..tanks
    Like 0    Dislike 0   5 years ago
  • Roland Osaji: Dwnward slop curve occurs only wen ther z a change in qty demanded not wen an elasticity of demand z zero. Pls fall back to ur demand theory in ur textbk 4 mor details. Thanks
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6 years ago
this is a situation whereby a product's demand curve is how much the quantity demanded ... The case of zero elasticity is described as being perfectly inelastic.

once it is Zero, it is inelastic which means the answer is B.
5 years ago
It is Zero the price changes,it brings abt ŊO̶̷̩̥̊͡ effect on the Qd........
5 years ago
yes it is correct,d ans is b
Bamidele Tomi
3 years ago
Kenney 2
1 year ago
what if d demand curve shift to d right
5 years ago
4 years ago
1 year ago
If there,s no change in the demand it will be as it is.
1 year ago
The correct ans is b
8 months ago
8 months ago
how can I tap my answer I mean to answer the question
4 years ago
Answer B,, because no change has occured den
6 years ago
Ansa b

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