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A budget deficit means

A budget deficit means
  • A. That a country is buying more than is selling
  • B. That a country is selling more than is buying
  • C. That a government is spending more than in takes in taxation
  • D. That a government is spending less than it takes in taxation
  • E. That a government is spending as much as it takes in taxation
Correct Answer: Option C
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Contributions (81)

6 years ago
I go wit C cos govt spendins exceed d revenue generated 4rm tax.
1 year ago
A budget deficit simply means that the country is currently importing more than it is exporting. It is buying more than it is selling. A surplus means it is selling [exporting] more than it is buying [importing]. Therefore the answer is A
Young Entrepreneur
6 years ago
The answer is C which is budget deficit. When government spend more than what he budgeted is called deficit but if less than is termed as budget surplus.
3 years ago
The reason for that answer is that the government spending is regarded as proposed government expenditure while taxation is regarded as estimated government revenue.
c is the correct answer
4 years ago
c is d coret ans.....budget deficit occurs wen government proposed expenditure exceeds it estimated revenue.
dammy mary
4 years ago
the answer is "c"
  • Adeconomist: The purchasing power of deficit is that high expense, lower income generating for the government. definitely the economy is not balance. In term of the economy target.
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aduara israel
4 years ago
c is the correct answer ....if the government is spending more than it takes in taxation.... it surely affect the economy of the country which will result as a inflation in cost of goods and services.
8 months ago
how can a human being say the ans is A,guyss you should settle down and think first before you rush and ans questions,this is why we always fail during JAMB,the ans is C
5 years ago
c is correct,dat is 2 say wen there is a higher degree planned of a govt expenditure nd d decrease planned on her income revenue on both visible nd invisible import n export on dat yr transaction,dat is 2 say d buldget is deficited.
Gifted ore
3 years ago
2 years ago
To make it short,governments income in tax is lesser than its expenditure
2 years ago
The question is wrongly composed:

The questions i answered is different from the answers given.... I answered 2016 questions and the answers given are for 1978 questions....WHY?
3 years ago
yea ans c is de corret answer beco budget deficit in oder way round is the of govt spending wat their aim as taxation.
5 years ago
C is correct, because budget deficit means a situation were by govt expenditure is greater than gvt income,therefore if gvt is spending more than what d received in tax it is totally budget deficit!

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