Who among the following was sold to the Ishaemlites for twenty shekels because of his...

Who among the following was sold to the Ishaemlites for twenty shekels because of his dreams?
  • A. Moses
  • B. Joseph
  • C. Jacob
  • D. Ishmael
  • E. Minahem of Israel
Correct Answer: Option B
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Contributions (16)

Ajuma mercy
5 years ago
it was joseph because his brothers were jealous of him being their master one day
6 years ago
‎​​D̶̲̥̅̊ answer 2. ‎​​D̶̲̥̅̊. first. Question is A nd question 2 is C
6 years ago
First question is A while the 2nd one is B
4 years ago
it was joseph bkuz joseph's brothers were envious of him so dat was why they sold him for twenty shekels of silver...
5 years ago
Joseph alala of course
6 years ago
It was joseph,based on Genesis 37:5-Genesis ends. He was sold to an ish'maelite trader for 20 shekels of silver.you can read the full story from the above mentioned passages in the bible
6 years ago
joseph because they feared that they will be taking orders from him and he will become a leader
2 years ago
4 years ago
The correct answer is b.when you go through essential crk text book. Topic:Leadership.under that you will see joseph as a leader.you will see the whole story.
10 months ago
The answer is Joseph.
His brothers planned to kill him, but their eldest brother, whith an intention of saving him, sugested that he should be thrown into a pit. But on seeing the ishmaelites(the decendants of Ishmael), Judah, one of them opined that he, Joseph, be sold to them.
Awe Isaac
5 years ago
it was joseph bcos his brothers were jealous of him dat one day they would bow down to him
2 months ago
Joseph of course because his brothers were too jealous of him dreaming of becoming a leader
6 years ago
Yes.joseph becz he had a dream.dat his brothers will gve him respet
6 years ago
joseph_coz the brothers wer jealous and thinkn dat he wz gona b grter dan dem and dat dey wil av 2 bow down 2 der younger brother,dey decided 2 kill him. bt ruben d elder broda saved him by suggestin dat dey sell him and take his cloth which dev robed an animals blood on 2 der father tellin him dat e wz killed by a wild animal
Yes Joseph

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