Which of the following people was one of the outstanding kings of Israel after the...

Which of the following people was one of the outstanding kings of Israel after the falling of the Kingdom?
  • A. King herold
  • B. Pharoah
  • C. Sennacherib
  • D. Jeroboam
  • E. Tiglath-Pileser
Correct Answer: Option D
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3 years ago
In Respond to this question; is a disgrace to any Christian to state the names of Jacob's grand children as an answer to this question!

The book of Genesis, that's where you will find the story of Ephraim and Manasseh, the two children of Joseph!

To respond to this question very well, you need to know the story of King Solomon, son of David who was anointed as King due to the Lord's anger against Soul!

King Solomon was the cause of the falling of Israelites kingdom; which led to division between the Kingdom of Judah and Jerusalem!

After the death of Solomon, two kingdoms were created and Jeroboam was made king of Jerusalem while Rehoboam of Judah!

Ref: Genesis, 1 Kings. 2:10 to 1 Kings. 14:1-30

other references are found in the scriptures...i.e. The Torah!
  • Agbaezeprosper: you nailed it
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  • pattygal: with a short comment, though your ideas are reasonable but u slide out somewhere....
    yes, King Solomon perverted and worshipped other gods but that did not lead to the falling of the kingdom..... the falling of the kingdom started with JEROBOAM when he refused to take council from the elders but rather listened to his age mate....
    he did more than what Solomon did by puting more pressure on the people intead of relief....
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  • Aidyyy: what is this one saying...it was rehoboam who did not listen to the council of elders not jeroboam
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adekunle john
2 years ago

4 years ago
4 years ago
1. A 2.B
5 years ago
yes because he didn't follow the tyrannical and blasphemous footstep of his predecessors.
4 years ago
Can any Bible reference be given as regards the answer?
5 years ago
1.a 2.b
3 years ago
a and b
2 years ago
My guess was D, so I guessed right.
2 years ago
I'm not much of a bible student n I hate me for that
2 years ago
Is there anyone whom I can study with? Pls if interested reply dis message.
5 years ago
Jeoaboam was d outstanding king because GOD found him faithful 2 be
Andrew Grace
4 years ago
1c 2b
6 years ago
1 A, 2B.

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