In the reaction between sodium hydroxide and sulphuric acid solutions, what volume of 0.5 molar...

In the reaction between sodium hydroxide and sulphuric acid solutions, what volume of 0.5 molar sodium hydroxide would exactly neutralise 10cm3 of 1.25 molar sulphuric acid?

  • A. 5cm3
  • B. 10cm3
  • C. 20cm3
  • D. 25cm3
  • E. 50cm3
Correct Answer: Option E

\(2NaOH + H_{2}SO_{4} = Na_{2}SO_{4} + 2H_{2}O\)
V x 0.5M = 2(10 x 1.25)
0.5V = 2 x 12.5
0.5V = 25
V = \(\frac{25}{0.5}\) = \(50cm^{3}\)

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Contributions (117)

6 years ago
Yes the best formula is CaVaNb= CbVbNa / CbNa we have CaVa Nb/CbNa hence 1.25x10x2/0.5x1= 25/0.5 =50cm3
6 years ago
Usin cava/cbvb:na/nb therefore,ca=1.25,va=10cm,cb=0.5,vb=?,na=1 from d equation ,and nb=2 frm d equation therefore,goin to d formular 1.25*10/0.5*vb=1/2 wen u crossmultiply,d ansa u get is 50cm
7 years ago
Really enjoy u guys,u all try,bt my advice 2 u is 2. use d 2nd formulae 4 fast steppings nd answer
7 years ago
It'z quite easy. Using the volumetric analysis formulae, CaVa/CbVb =Na/Nb where C, V and N are the concentrations, volumes and moles of the reactants, we get:( 1.25x10)/(0.5Vb) = 1/2. Calculating that will give us 50cm cube. NB: Don't 4get to multiply by 2.
7 years ago
Since 2 was added to NaOH to balance the equation, in the calculation why is d 2 use to multiplied both volume and mole of the acid??
1 year ago
Pls myschool your step on solving that question is very bad, pls correct yourself
7 years ago
2 was gotten Hypothetical. A product of imagination nd conjecture.
4 years ago
pls. Can explain more 2 me. Especialy how u derived d equation of reaction nd d formulae used. Pls guys.
7 years ago
9c1 bro
2 years ago
yes the ans is correct
nworu emeka
6 years ago
The equation is fully balance
6 years ago
well done guy... you did the better job
5 years ago
yea. 50cm is the right ans.
7 years ago
To derived NA2SO4 as d product, u av to add two @d back of sodium hydroxide(Naoh) to make d eqtn we derived two as d mole numba of naoh in d frmula of cava/cbvb=na/nb...u gat me rgt.?
7 years ago
So dat's hw u'll gt 2.

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