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The periodic classification of elements is an arrangement of the elements in order of their

The periodic classification of elements is an arrangement of the elements in order of their
  • A. Atomic Weights
  • B. Isotopic Weights
  • C. Molecular Weights
  • D. Atomic Numbers
  • E. Atomic Masses
Correct Answer: Option D
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Contributions (96)

3 years ago
Here is an explanation:

The periodic table law states that properties of elements are periodic function of their atomic number. Although the periodic table law proposed by Dmitri Mendeleev was that elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic weight but it was later modernized that elements do not differ with increasing atomic weight in the periodic table but with there atomic number

REF: Check: New school Chemistry, page 140 by Osei Yaw Ababio(4th Edition)
Lawal Olanrewaju
7 years ago
Elements in the periodic table are arranged according to there atomic number(proton number).electronegativy increase frm left 2 right while atomic radius increases down the group.
6 years ago
According to d modern periodic law,the valence electrons of elements in dsame period increase progressively by one meaning dat d no of outermost shell increases i.e d atomic number as we across d period.Dats jst d REAL EXPLANATION.
3 months ago
The ionization energy increases from left to right across a period while down the group it decreases, the electronegativity also increases across a period and decreases down the down the group, atomic radius decreases across a periods and increases down the group.
Mary stephanie
8 months ago
D is d ans
Michael victory
2 years ago
D is very correct
Lawal Olanrewaju
7 years ago
Funsho i think i go with u
zita obinna
5 years ago
Yea... chuddy transition elements are those in the d block not potassium calcium those ones are in the p block
5 years ago
The elements in the periodic table are arranged by the

increasing number of their atomic numbers. Elements

with similar properties are kept together in a vertical

column while the horizontal period contains elements

that show a pattern of change in their physical

6 years ago
Good one
Felix Brown
6 years ago
U all contributed immensely nd I also like ur curiosity@Chemvik but I must say dat d position of an element in d periodic table is determined by d its atomic number nd not d mass no.
lady swanty
3 years ago
d ansa is D bcoz...d arrangement is made just for us to look for an elements atomic number....its serves for calculation
lanihun aziz
6 years ago
i dnt tink dats ambiguous
6 years ago
atomic number can be likened to the serial number of the elements, so it is used to arrange the elements in the periodic table. it is the no of protons which is also the number of electrons and it determines the shell number or shell configuration
5 years ago
The properties of an element are the periodic function of da atomic number

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