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2016 WAEC Animal Husbandry Practical (a) Stat three ways in which specimen A (Tapeworm) is of economic importance. (b) State...

WAEC 2016

(a) Stat three ways in which specimen A (Tapeworm) is of economic importance.

(b) State four ways of controlling specimen A

(c) List three nutrients contained in specimen B (Fish meal)

(d) Name two ectoparasites that could infest the farm animal from which specimen C (Hide of cattle) was obtained.

(e) Mention three uses of specimen C 


(a) Ways in which Specimen A (Tapeworm) is of Economic Importance; (i) Increases the cost of feeding/medication/labour (cost of production). (ii) Reduces growth rate/causes emanciation/reduces attainment of maturity/milk yield (low productivity/reduces yield of animal). (iii) Loss of income (unthriftiness/death of animal) (iv) Reduces the quality/market value of animal products (v) Infestation in human leads to reduced labour/productivity.

(b) Ways of Controlling Specimen A (Tapeworm); (i) Quarantine of farm animals/Isolation of farm animals (ii) Avoid use of contaminated water/give clean water (iii) Avoid use of contaminated feed/give quality feed/balanced diet (iv) Observe proper sanitation/proper disposal of human waste/regular removal of beddings material/washing of feeding and drinking troughs/burying dead animals. (v) Routine deworming of farm animals/drenching with deworming drugs. (vI0 Meat should be properly cooked before consumption (vii) Proper meat inspection by health workers (viii) Practice rotational grazing 

(c) Nutrients Contained in Specimen B (Fish Meal); (i) Protein (ii) Minerals/Calcium/Phosphorous (iii) Fats and oil/Lipids (iv) Vitamins (v) Water

(d) Ectoparasites that could Infest the Farm Animal from which Specimen C (Hide of Cattle) was obtained; (i) Mites (ii) Ticks (iii) Lice 

(e) Uses of Specimen C Hide of Cattle); (i) Eaten as food by humans (ii) Raw amterial for industry (iii) Used in making clothing materials (belts, jackets, caps, shoes, trousers, bags, gloves) (iv) Used for making furniture (chairs, tables, beds) (v) Used for decorative/cultural/festival/traditional purposes (vi) Used in making drums/strings for musical instruments.

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